Lotus Flower Tutorial

Lotus Flower Tutorial

I made this tutorial years ago and never had a chance to get it into full tutorial form but thanks to my wonderful new friend Shelley who is helping me edit videos for your enjoyment, I have FINALLY got this video out!

For petal dusts: www.thesugarart.com
For Marvelous Molds: www.marvelousmolds.com
Nicolas Lodge Gumpaste Tutorial: http://youtu.be/VHiEiJGiHy8

My preferred tools store: http://astore.amazon.com/articakecomp-20

Venue: Lan Su Chinese Gardens

The reason I wanted to make a tutorial was because at the time, I couldn’t find a tutorial for a water lily or lotus flower. There may be some out there now but you know me, I just make stuff and put it out there lol.

Note: Yes I realize that the first photo the gumpaste sphere is green and in the second it is white, I added that photo in from another tutorial just for reference purposes but I felt you guys are smart enough to figure it out ;)