Turntable Extender Review

Turntable Extender Review

I haven’t done a tool review in like.. forever! But after I used this turn table extender, I just had to do a video because it just BLEW.MY.MIND! How does this not exist already!? Such a simple concept but it seriously has made my cake decorating life so much easier! From the mad scientist brain of the brilliant Kaysie Lackey and Innovative Sugarworks comes the tool we all need in our life, especially if you do the upside-down method like me! (ps, if you don’t do the upside-down method then you need to go watch Jessica Harris’ Craftsy class RIGHT MEOW and get with it!)

Ok ok enough with the chatter! Watch the video review below! REMEMBER I’m giving away one of these badass turntables but you have to GO TO MY FACEBOOK and share this video (CLICK HERE) and then leave a comment telling me why YOU need this turntable in your life! I will choose a winner Feb 10th and (USA ONLY) and mail you one of your very own handy dandy amazing turntable extenders.

If you want to buy one of your own, you can on the Sugarworks website

(ps, I am in no way affiliated with Innovative sugarworks or do I get paid to promote their products. I promote them because they are awesome.)

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  • Frances Gill

    Thanks Liz, for sharing this video and the information about the turntable extender. I left you a FB message, but just couldn’t wait to find out more and did a search, where I found your website right at the top of the list. Needless to say, that was the first thing that excited me, then to find you created a video review of the product was great. My first desire at cake decorating was very short lived about 37 years ago, just as motherhood jumped in to create a roadblock. I started back 3 years ago and have done several cakes, not just buttercream, but have struggled with the same issues of not having enough room to scrap. So, thanks again for the sheet cake tutorial that sparked my interest in this item, but also your review of it, as well. Look forward to being the recipient of your giveaway. LOL!!! Fran

    • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

      You’re very welcome! So sorry I didnt see your message, It’s hard to keep up sometimes. Best wishes to you!!

  • Michele Stuart

    I have just found your page and I love it. I have just started getting into cake decorating and I am learning so much. I will be watching your page for more tips, thank you

  • Amber Sebring

    I would love to have one of the extender. I am currently using my grandmothers two tiered spice rack. Then i put a cookie sheet on top.. This would be great!!! My name is Amber Sebring.

  • Michele Graham

    upside down method? wow!

  • Bonnie Vaughn

    I have to have one!

  • Jarid Altmark

    I need this turntable extender because I got a big ol cake for Austin, and I do not want my little green Wilton turntable to collapse under pressure.

  • Vanessa Feliu

    Saw this and instantly wanted it…pure genius!!! I definitely am adding this to my necessary tools list. Thank you so much for sharing, it would make an excellent valentine’s day present for me..lol

  • http://www.akikowhite.com Akiko White

    Just posted on FB, Thanks for sharing! :) If I don’t win I will definitely be buying one! Your the best!

  • Kim Deidrich Dodgen

    OMG! I really need this turntable extender. Thank you so much for sharing this information with the entire world. Your work is amazing and I am so grateful for all the tips and videos that you share with us.

  • Michelle Toney

    Omg I would love this!!! It would make my life SO much easier! I have a hard time getting a smooth finish too will also have to try the upside down method! Can’t wait!

  • Karen Sherod

    I really really want one of these. Great invention! Did I mention that I really want one of these. lol

  • Karen Sherod

    I want one of this really really bad. Great invention! Did I mention that I really want one of these. lol

  • Brooke elias

    I so want one!!! I have that same wilton turntable you have and I love it but I have looked into others and they are the same size or super expensive and as much as the metal ones look professional I can’t stand the sound on them lol.i sold so many of my cake tools cause i made the move to the mainland from Hawaii and shipping all my stuff was crazy expensive so i have been starting all over again stocking up on better tools this time .. I recently started using the upside down method for icing cakes which has been a god send. And ever since the mat from sweet wise which has been another god send and now this… I want one cause all of the tools and methods just can take cake decorating to a whole new level!!! Would love to revive a free one of coarse and since I didn’t have a valentine this holiday season I can Breton you are it. .lol but either way I will be looking further into this new tool. Thanks so much for sharing this with all us fellow cake artists!

  • Ann-Maries Cakes

    So Cool all these year I have been using foamcore board ….but if you get BC or ganache on it it gets nasty! This is Awesome Sauce!!!! =D

  • Jane Moss

    Love…..love…..love this product! My only question is, “WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THAT”????? Brilliant design! Thanks for your review Liz!!!!

  • Kimberly Lynn Worthington

    OMG, this is freaking
    AWESOME!!!! I have been trying different ways to do sheet cakes and
    larger cakes, I even put two turn turntables side by side with a board
    on top trying to fit a sheet cake on something and still turn to
    decorate. Thank you so much for sharing, I think I could cry and I would
    LOVE one.

  • Marisela Fuentes

    OMG!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  • Suzy Zimmermann

    Fantastic…this could make my life sooooo much easier

  • Rosemarie Long Presnall

    Awesome idea! I need this because I decorate lots of sheet cakes! Thanks for the video!

  • Angel

    Why do I need this??? Because you said upside down method 8 times, yes I counted, and I have never used it. So now that I have “crawled out from under my rock” I want to try this method an might as well start out with the right equipment. I’m just like you described a fondant girl and getting even clean buttercream takes me hours too. So yeah I would love

  • Sharon Winn

    Amazing….love this. What a handy tool this would be to use!!!

  • Susie Mendoza

    Beyond Brilliant!!! Thanks for the review!

  • Jannette

    I want this! Ty Liz!

  • Molly Casey

    Ingenious! Can’t believe no one thought of this before now:) Who couldn’t use this? Pick me! Pick me! LOL

  • Leilani Hart

    I need this! Going to leave my rock home behind and try the upsidedown method.

  • Charis Barnes Horton

    I quit using the upside-down method except for small cakes because of the moving board problem. I’m getting one of these…if I don’t win that is ;) Thanks to you, Liz, and Sugarworks for such a great product!

  • Holly Maxwell

    I so could have used one of these a few weeks ago when I did a square cake that was pushing the limits on my turntable. This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing ^_^

  • Tara Vance

    That is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Gayathri Venkat

    Thank you for the giveaway!!! i just got this turntable this chirstmas after a loooonnnng wait… I dont want turntable but i just want to tell you that you are amazing. i admire your work a lot. I love your tutorials. Thanks for doing the tutorials and sharing your amazing work. I amazed by your glow in the dark cake. I would have showed to my husband 1000 times. :) Thanks once again. :) P.S Sorry for my English.

  • Rose

    I would love to own the turntable extender too! I’ve been using a similar extender made of board, it doesn’t have the slot in underside but it’s better than nothing. I use a non slip mat under the board to keep it from falling off the turntable. I’ve just bought Liz’s book so the extender would really be useful for trying out some of her designs. If you guys don’t have Liz’s book you’re missing out on a treat!

  • Rhonda Gutierrez

    I have resorted to the cutting board myself and lost a cake completely. Wow….NEVER AGAIN! Woohoo! This solves so many issues and I can start using the upside down method and come out from under my rock.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gudbytes Elizabeth Davis-Macias


  • Kathryn Rezza

    WOW! this is genius. So need this my turntable broke and have resorted to using a lazy susan since my funds are quite limited right now. I would love to have this. Am definitely going to put this on my wish list, unless of course I were to win it!

  • Lisa Martignoni DelloStritto

    What a wonderful piece of equipment this would be to have. Started small business with friends. Already so much business!! Boy would that turntable help!!

  • Sharon McLaughlin Contreras

    I would love to lose my cutting board for one of these!

  • Janine D

    This is amazing! I am a cake newbie and this turntable would be so helpful!!! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  • MaeMae Ma

    Would love to carve, and try upside down too

  • Tiffany Soblotne Inman

    I have never tried the upside down method, but I have recently moved out from under my “rock” and Im going to do it! lol This would be perfect tool to help my transition

  • Christina Martinez

    That is AWESOME! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the extender because it will make the big cakes easier to frost!!!

  • Luanne McCallister

    Oh, my gosh! I would love to have this! It would make things SO much easier! =)