BBQ Cake Tutorial

BBQ Cake Tutorial

When my assistant Michelle made a BBQ cake last year for Father’s day, I don’t think she could have ever guessed how popular it would be. We did a little video of it and it immediately gained tons of attention and requests for a tutorial! I have finally given in and with Michelle’s blessing, re-created the cake in tutorial form for all our lovely fans.

This BBQ isn’t just cool looking, it’s got tons of really cool techniques packed into it! First off we have the sphere. Sphere’s can actually be pretty challenging to re-create out of cake because the base tends to want to collapse under the weight of the cake above. This BBQ is 100% cake! In this class you will learn how to create a structure that will support the cake and you could even make a full sphere if you wanted to!

I also include how to make all the food on this cake from shaping, to painting and there might even be a little torching in there. You know how I love to play with fire hehe.

Lastly, the special effects! You’ll learn how to create cool looking fire with working lights and realistic “smoke” effects that will truly have your guests thinking that someone brought a real BBQ to the party!

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There is also a FREE tutorial that goes with this BBQ cake on how to make the hamburger patties :)