Nintendo Makes it Legal to Make Character Cakes

Nintendo Makes it Legal to Make Character Cakes

GREAT NEWS!! To all of you cakers out there who love making Super Mario Bros cakes! (disclaimer, I’m not a lawyer or anything so don’t get all cranky on me about the legalese)

Nintendo just released the use of ALL their characters for derivative works! What does that mean? You can now legally make any character like Mario Bros and Pokemon into cake!  BOOM! SO awesome!

Now if we could only get Disney to follow suit! My page would be even more clogged with Frozen Cakes than it already is (let it goooo let it goooo) Even better, maybe now I’ll get some cool orders for Nintendo themed cakes instead! OOOH YEA!

Here are just a few of the awesome games you can now make!

Mario Bros.
Legend of Zelda
Star Fox
Donkey Kong

Read the full article from Nintendo and go make some freaking Cakes! 

SO in light of this awesome news! Here are some of my most favorite Nintendo Themed cakes! NOW completely legal to make! Pardon me while I do the happy dance!


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