Fondant Pepperoni Tutorial

Fondant Pepperoni Tutorial

While creating a pizza cake a few months back, I did a bit of experimenting to come up with a way to make some pretty realistic looking pepperoni.

I thought I would do a quick tutorial for you all so you can make some yourself! It looks so real my husband actually absent-mindedly picked up a piece and said “OH! I thought this was a piece of pepperoni and I was going to eat it!” haha! So good reviews on the husband front.

You can watch this FREE video on how to make your own pepperoni



If you want to make your own pizza cake, I have the full tutorial on my webstore. In the tut you learn how to make the pizza shape (in this case a heart but you could do round if you want) make all the toppings and how to give it those realistic finishing touches! Click on the photo to buy!