Gummy Eyeball Tutorial

Gummy Eyeball Tutorial

Gummy eyeballs are so fun and so yummy! They make great spooky party treats or realistic details for a bust cake. I used this technique on my zombie cake to make super gooey, realistic eyeballs. They even feel real but they taste like vanilla gummybears!

Equipment you will need.
White decogel
clear decogel
iris image
Icing Image sheet
sphere ice mold
parchment paper bag

Watch the full video  here!


Print out your iris images onto a sheet of icing images edible paper using an edible printer. You can also send the image to a cake store or bakery that can print them out for you. Purchase the iris printable image in my online shop

Cut the images out with a pair of sharp scissors.

Coat the inside of your mold with a little vegetable oil to prevent sticking. Melt a little of your clear decogel in 10 second intervals unti it is fluid. Pour a small amount into the sphere mold. Place a cut iris onto the clear gel and place in the fridge for about 10 minutes to set.

Once the clear gel is set,  melt your white decogel in 10 second intervals until fluid but not hot. Pour a little into your parchment bag. Prop up in a cup while you pour. Seal the top and and squeeze into the mold until it’s full. If any spills out, don’t worry, you can peel it off and re-melt after it sets.

Place the mold back into the fridge or freezer for at least 30 minutes or until totally set. Carefully open the mold and remove the eyeballs. There will be some spillage and that is ok. We’ll trim it off in the next step.

Trim off the excess with a pair of sharp scissors. Heat a spoon on your stove-top or with a brulee torch. Don’t overheat. Use the heated spoon slowly remove the seam from the sides of the eye until smooth.

The excess decogel can be re-melted and used again and agian. You can also create a spooky “dead-eye” by mixing a bit of white with the clear in the first step. This is how I created my spooky eye-ball for my sugar spooks piece! Your gummy eyeballs are done! Easy and delish!

  • marjorie

    hi liz can you please make your vanilla recipe in cups a I don’t have a weight scale thanks by the way I like your job

    • Elizabeth Marek

      Sorry this recipe is only in weight because it is most accurate that way. Cups are not accurate.

      • marjorie

        ok thanks

  • Joan DeLaurentiis Rocca

    thank you ..I wanted to make eyes and could never get it right. Great video, can’t wait to order the deco gel. Can you tell me how to get the printable eyes? the video said free download, but can’t find it. Thanks

    • Elizabeth Marek

      It’s only free to my patreons on but you can purchase the image for $3 in my shop on this website and print it onto edible paper :)