How to Make an Easy Rainbow Cake

How to Make an Easy Rainbow Cake

The rainbow cake has been around the block a few times and I see my share of attempts. Over time I have noticed the same questions and issues posted again and again.

1. How do I get my colors bright (aka my blue is too yellow or my yellow is dingy brown etc)

2. How do I get my rainbow cake to stand up! It’s so tall it wants to fall over!

3. I don’t know much about decorating, how do I finish my cake and make it look as pretty on the outside as it looks on the inside?

Well fret no more, I have put together a special rainbow cake tutorial just for you and I address all of these issues.

Watch the Free Rainbow Cake Tutorial Video Here!



The good news is, if you can’t get the buttercream right, you can always call it a naked rainbow cake hehe

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This months patrons got a Free tutorial on how to make an easy gold unicorn topper to go with this magical rainbow cake! If you aren’t a patron, don’t worry, you can still get your copy in my online store.

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  • Geeky Chick

    Thank you for this tutorial. My soon to be six year old asked for a unicorn party with a rainbow layered cake. I made the fondant unicorn and fondant rainbow/clouds combo no problem. I had the intention of just buying a cake from the local bakery. Unfortunately, I need at least a 9in cake and they will only do 8in and sheet cake around here. :( I called all the local and semi local bakeries and they all have a policy against larger birthday cakes that aren’t sheet cakes. SOOOOOO, I will be attempting this myself. Her party is this Saturday. Yeah, I am just a little nervous. I’ve baked cakes from scratch several times, but I am always super nervous when I make it for a special occasion.

    • Elizabeth Marek

      Use duncan hines box cake and replace the water with milk and oil with butter. Make sure you use all whites to keep the colors clean :) Maybe buy some extra cake pans lol

  • Kate

    Great tutorial! I have a hard time getting my colors vibrant without adding about 3T of gel to each layer…which does give you color but also a weird aftertaste (even with good ol’ Americolor). Thanks for the tip about adding yellow, etc. to enhance the color. I remember when I was first baking I tried adding black to things like my red to make it “darker”, lol. I obviously needed a lesson with a color wheel.

    I have a love for super tall layer cakes but they are never fun to cut. Wish I could do this while they are still chilled as you have but usually I have a crowd of people waiting to eat it immediately. Cold cake just isn’t the same – especially chunks of SMBC. I generally have to make the two vertical slices and then dissect the piece into a top and bottom serving. It’s tough when you want someone to have each layer (when the cake/fillings are varied) and they tell you to just give them half. Or you get the “can I have a really thin piece” request. No, you can get a normal slice and eat less of it…this cake isn’t designed for skinny slicing!

    Thanks again for the video. You do unbelievably amazing work and it’s very cool of you to share your skills. You are a true cake artist but still act like a normal person – someone we can all admire :)