10 Rainbow Cakes That I Love!

10 Rainbow Cakes That I Love!

What cake speaks more to the heart and soul of your inner child than the rainbow cake?

NOTHING I say! Nothing!

Was there anything more delicious than opening a new box of crayons as as child and seeing that beautiful rainbow? Was there anything more magical than the first time you walked passed a sprinkler and caught a mini rainbow in the mist? Admit it, even now, when you see that big rainbow in the sky, you are still search out the end and wonder, could I get there?

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Rainbows speak to us as adults and children alike! I recently had a feature friday share day on my facebook page and over 100 cakes where submitted! I have the pleasure of choosing the top 10 rainbow cakes and sharing them with you!

#1 – What a super fun idea for a smash cake! Rainbow smash cake has got to make some awesome photos! Thank you to Jolirose Cake Shop for submitting this photo!

#2 – This super fun rainbow themed birthday cake reminds me of craft days in school! What little kiddo would not love this adorable cake! Thank you Frost & Pipe bakery for the submission!

#3 – I don’t know about you guys but this cake boggles my mind with it’s perfection! HOW in the world did she get those stripes so perfect?? Must have taken forever! Even the slices of cake inside the tier are perfect! Simply stunning work from Lisa Designs Cakes!

#4 – Ok so maybe the only thing kids love more than rainbows is possibly candy so this cake by Sweet Dreams Cakes n’ Things is pretty much a kids dream cake come true! If I was a kid, this is one of those cakes that would make me forget about the birthday presents and just want the cake!

#5 – Ok so TECHNICALLY this isn’t a cake but I just had to include it because of the sheer amount of work it must have taken to create this perfect rainbow bow (rainbow bow… rainBOW?… I dunno). It boggles my mind thinking about cutting all these perfect strips, connecting them together and making a bow. Great work by Sweet Sensations Cakes!

#6 – This beautiful rainbow wedding cake is one of my favorite designs! I did a similar one for a wedding a while back but the thing I love about THIS design is how the colors cascade UP the cake! So well thought out and just perfect. Fantastic work from Wild Orchid Baking Company.

#7 – I am pretty partial unicorns and I love that about this cake but honestly, my favorite part about this cake are the perfect layers inside! Have you ever seen such a pretty slice of cake?? I think not haha! Simply stunning work from The Fairy Cake Mother!

#8 РRainbow ruffles! So pretty, so simple, so perfectly done! Amazing design by Tortissime Cake Design!

#9 – Ok I may have been swayed a little bit by this adorable smile from the birthday girl! How can you resist that smile? Happiest baby ever. Love this hand-painted rainbow design by Wolfbay Cafe.

#10 – This beautiful towering rainbow cake design comes from one of my favorite cake designers! Bold and beautiful hand-painted colors and a whimsical name design finishes this rainbow cake perfectly! Lovely work as usual from Yuma Couture Cakes!

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  • Lisa Sinclair

    Wow!! These cakes blow me away!! And I can’t believe you included one of mine! Thanks so much!!

    • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

      You do great work! Thank you so much for sharing your awesome work!

      • Lisa Sinclair

        Thank you! :)

  • Jennifer Davis Sipes

    What’s the recipe for your oil & flour pan coating?


    Really loving all of these rainbow cakes. :D