Chalkboard Cakes

Chalkboard Cakes

Photography by Hazelwood Photo

I think we all know by now that I am utterly obsessed with chalkboard cakes. I cannot get enough! Finally, a trend that I can get behind! Everywhere I look, I see more inspiration for another beautiful chalkboard cake design. Flowers, foliage, scrollwork, typography. I wish there where more hours in the day. I’ve been working on some more designs with more lingering in the back on my mind but the original design still remains my favorite.


One of my new chalkboard designs with some gold greenery provided by Swoon Floral Design

In this design I experimented with colored chalk designs. I think I want to do another design using some pretty pinks!

Ribbon backdrop for sale on my Etsy 

The chalkboard trend is taking off everywhere! Check out this awesome cake designed by The Little Malvern Cake Company in Australia!


Have you made a chalkboard wedding cake? I’d love to see them and add them to this post! Send me your photos info(at)artisancakecompany(dot)com with your website and company na


  • Lisa-Marie Pierni Wells

    How do you do this??

  • Corinne Coppolo

    Oh my – decided today I wanted to do a chalkboard cake for my baby’s 1st bday and your tutorial comes out tomorrow!!! Timing couldn’t be better. I cannot wait until tomorrow and I hope to meet you at Cake Fest!! I adore your work!

  • Debbie Riffel how to, it is basically black fondant dusted with powered sugar. here she shows you how to make the “chalk” too! :)

    • Elizabeth Marek

      That’s actually not how I do it at all :)

  • Margie

    So lovely, what do,you use for the chalk writing?

    • Elizabeth Marek

      I have a tutorial coming out to on July 10th! :-D

  • Nikki

    It looks to be black fondant with sugar for the dirty chalk look? Is that correct?

  • DeLaina Whitlock

    How in the heck do you make a chalkboard cake????! I so desperately want to learn this technique! Please, tell me how do you do it???

    • Elizabeth Marek

      I have a tutorial coming out to on July 10th! :-D

  • jamie

    I love these, so unique and beautiful. :)

  • Suzanne Lee

    Is the chalkboard black fondant? I so want to try this technique.

    • Elizabeth Marek

      Yes it is black fondant

  • Amanda Macer

    Hi! I just love this chalkboard effect! Can you tell me if there are any tutorials on how to achieve this look please?
    Many thanks x

    • Elizabeth Marek

      I have a tutorial coming out to on July 10th! :-D