Chalkboard Wedding Cake

Chalkboard Wedding Cake

Usually I am late to the trend show. I always see these fabulous cakes that I WISH I had made first. I feel like many of us in the wedding industry are constantly being inspired by many of the same ideas that we see around us and that is bound to lead to more than one person coming up with the same idea and then it’s just a rush to who can make it first!

I decided to do a chalkboard cake tutorial for my upcoming book to be released in October. You can pre-order here. I had not seen any realistic chalkboard cake designs so I jumped on the chance to make one myself. Here is sneak peek of my chalkboard cake featured in an upcoming inspiration shoot that will be featured on the wedding chics blog in a couple of months. Based on this photo alone, I cannot wait to see the rest of the photos!

Photography: Hazelwood Photo
Suit: Duchess Clothier
Flowers: Fern Floral

I have been obsessed with chalkboard for quite some time now. I even re-designed my logo a year ago to have more of a chalkboard feel. There is just something so nostalgic and beautiful about it. Most of have seen the chalkboard signs used in weddings take off in trend this year. The return of the hand-written letter is awesome to me! Here are a few photos that I found on pinterest that inspired my chalkboard design.

This chalkboard invitation was given to me by the bride and was the direct inspiration for the design of my chalkboard wedding cake. I love the simple way the leaves and berries look and the monogram in the center. Even though this is digitally made, I really liked the hand-drawn quality to the look of the invitation.

Aside from the monogram, I also wanted to incorporate some personalized details. I loved this custom chalkboard sign I found on etsy. The silhouettes really struck me. Reminded me of something you would find in your grandparents cabin in the midwest, or pretty much anywhere in Portland haha.

I really love love love this chalkboard trend. I think it might be one of those trends though that some people either love or hate. I have had a few comments on my facebook  about how odd it is to make a black wedding cake or that it looks very “sad”. I can only say that I disagree but to each their own right? I personally love this style and hope I get to do many many chalkboard cakes this summer :) *hint hint*



  • Lisa-Marie Pierni Wells

    How did you do that??? Is that powdered sugar??

  • Clairellyn @ The Simple, Sweet

    What a gorgeous cake! And you have a book coming out?! Squeeeeee! I’m so going to get that!! But in the meantime, might I ask what white food coloring you used for your design? I designed and decorated a set of chalkboard cookies last year and the white food coloring I had bought was just terrible! I had to go over every detail of each design at least 3 times.

    • artisancakes

      I use americolor brand white :)

      • Clairellyn @ The Simple, Sweet

        Thank you so much! I can’t wait to try it out! :)

  • Susan J. Sias, Couture Baker and Chocolatier

    I completely agree with you! The color is fabulous! Very up to date and timely. The chalkboard “look” will be trendy for the next few years! I think we, as decorators, will see a lot more demand! You my dear, I believe, are the first to publish! Yeah!! Lovely, lovely work!! Bravo!