How to Make Wafer Paper Flowers

How to Make Wafer Paper Flowers

The wafer paper flower craze is upon us! If you haven’t heard already, wafer paper is an awesome medium to create beautiful and lightweight flowers with a totally different look than gumpaste flowers.

Similar to paper flowers or coffee filter flowers but totally edible! Wafer paper is made from potato starch. While not exactly “tasty” it is totally food safe and will not hurt you if you consume it :) Really great for children’s parties!

Wafer paper can be intimidating if you have ever played with it. It cracks, it wilts and melts when water touches it, its hard to color. You might be wondering HOW you even use this stuff! It’s easier than you think! I show you all the steps on how to make three flowers and some leaves. We start with the spider anemone, move on to the cherry blossom flower, then to the wafer paper rose and finally, the leaves. I also show you a few techniques on how to color wafer paper easily!


Here is my wafer paper tutorial on how to make an edible flower bouquet. This is a great idea for a Valentine’s Day Gift. You can make the whole bouquet or just a few flowers for your sweet heart. Hand-made gifts are always a great way to impress and you’ll be surprised at how fast these flowers go.


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Want more Wafer paper tutorials? Check out this craftsy class by Stevi Auble! She basically invented the modern wafer paper flower so check her out!