Steampunk Airship Cake

Steampunk Airship Cake

One of my most favorite clients ever asked me to create a steampunk cake for her husbands birthday. The catch? I get to do whatever I want. Oh wait, that’s not really a catch, more like a reason to get completely excited and go way over the top and make the most epic steampunk cake everrrrrrr.

So yeah, I went a little crazy with the details! I can’t help it! I looovveee details. My lovely intern helped cut a bazillion gears using these PERFECT gear cutters that I got from I made the gear pattern on the board and on the cakes by using a gear stencil I purchased from Mimi Hood who makes some AMAZING custom stencils. You can use these to airbrush over or you can use luster dusts. I absolutely adore the dusts from

I wanted to create a real show stopper and knew I wanted a lot details so we made as many things in advance as possible. I always decorate my cakes in two days (bake and then decorate the next day) so that the cake is as fresh as possible. We made a TON of gears, the lights, the wings, the little gear houses and the structure in advance so we had those things ready to go.

What would a steampunk cake be without steam?? I decided to incorporate some steam effects using dry ice. I have never used dry ice on a cake before so it was a fun experiment. I used a tin can as the ice holder and a small plastic container for the ice holder on top of the airship. Add hot water and VOILA! Steam! I drilled holes near the bottom of the can so that the steam could escape through “pipes” that I had created out of chocolate :)

I also attached some battery operated LED lights to some cake pop sticks and modeling chocolate to make some lighted effects for the cake. I kept imagining little steampunk people walking around in this city I had created. I really never wanted this cake to end. I could have kept adding details but eventually you have to deliver! I simply cannot wait to make another steampunk cake <3

  • dor_maus

    You have truly inspired me. I have a friend who is a steampunk artist and a few weeks ago his wife contacted me about a steampunk cake. I laughed and told her I had already been looking at ideas for two weeks prior to her getting in touch with me. I have been obsessed with planning it ever since and I absolutely love the dry ice idea. What amazing work you have accomplished. I only hope that one day I can be one-tenth as talented as you.

  • Anukampa

    Brilliant design and execution! I live in New York but if ever I am in need of a celebration cake I am going to make it happen with Artisan Cake Company. Elizabeth and Emily…you are rare gems.

  • Beata

    Dear Elizabeth, you never stop surprising me, always making the most amazing cakes, more like art. You are incredible! What I love most that you always answer any questions and any comments and you always show interest in us ;) thank you for that, this doesn’t happen normally, but you are always there xxx THANK YOU ELIZABETH! love Beata

    • artisancakes

      Thank you! I enjoy interacting with other cake decorators :)

  • Nathan

    Liz, this cake was absolutely amazing. As always your artistry was the highlight of our event. People came by asking if they could look because they’d heard that the cake was so stunning. Thank you for helping make the day so special.

    • artisancakes

      I’m so glad you liked the cake so much Nathan! Had to go over the top for a fellow steampunk fan :-D Happy Birthday again!