Realistic Burrito Cake

Realistic Burrito Cake

I had to share this crazy burrito cake order I got to do this week. This is only the second realistic food cake I have had the pleasure of making and I think I am addicted. I love making food cakes! I hope I get more orders because I think I could just make cakes that look like food all day every day haha. Did I mention wedding season just started? I don’t think that wish is going to come true any time soon haha. Well I can’t complain right! Busy is good! I just added a cake tutorial on how to make this realistic burrito cake.

Anyway, here is my cake :)


So the cake was made with a quarter sheet cake. I know in my video I say half sheet but I was on the spot and got confused lol. The cake is only supposed to feed about 10 people but I got carried away and it actually feeds about 20 haha. The cake inside is chocolate with peanut butter mousse filling. All the details except the tinfoil are made of fondant. The rice, meat, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and olives are all fondant. The guacamole and sour cream is buttercream.

I used a creme brulee blow torch on the fondant to create realistic burn marks to mimic the look of a real toasted tortilla. This basically caramelized the fondant and made it kind of crispy on the outside which I thought was pretty cool!

This was the requested inscription. I don’t know what it means but I thought a good way to work it into the cake design would be to make it look like a spilled food stain on a napkin. As if the food is sending a message. The client approved so it worked out :)

Some very kind words from the client after she picked up the cake!

So.. The party doesn’t start until 9, and the cake hasn’t even been tasted yet. … But I wanted to write you and tell you how amazing it is! Everything from the amazing detailing and texturing of the ingredients to the lettering and the cup rings on the napkin- truly brilliant! It’s an amazing cake, you did a superb job, and if you’re not absolutely swamped, I’d love to talk about another cake! At your convenience of course. Thank you so much for such an outstanding piece of edible art- it’s beautiful!”

Pretty much made my night!

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