How to Make Edible Gems Using a Piping Bag

How to Make Edible Gems Using a Piping Bag

*note: the brooch pictured above is not edible, only the jewels are. The pearls are made of fondant brushed with luster dust. The silver leaves are black royal icing brushed with silver luster dust.

Hey all! Here is a quick tutorial on how to make edible gems for your cakes, cupcakes or whatever you want using isomalt, a piping bag and some gem molds. Remember that isomalt IS edible but only good in small amounts or it can upset your digestion (ahem)…

SO with that being said, here is the video on how to make the gems. I also sometimes will mix a little silver luster dust and vodka and then paint the backs so they look even shinier when I put them on the cakes.

To make isomalt gems shiny, brush a SMALL amount of vodka with silver luster dust to form a thick paste. Brush onto the back (chiseled) part of the diamond and let dry.

I use decomalt for my jewels but you can use whatever brand of isomalt you like best. Just keep in mind temperatures and don’t touch the jewels with your bare fingers, the oils in your hands will leave fingerprints and make them lose their shine. Also, not heating correctly can cause the isomalt to get cloudy.

I hope this tutorial inspires you to make some edible bling today! Just be careful and leave a comment with any questions you might have! Thanks for watching!


  • Heather Le Gaux

    I heard that they go cloudy when stuck on buttercream. I am wondering if this happens if you paint with the luster dust first? Also. any idea why mine came out kind of sticky or is that how they are supposed to be? Thanks!

  • amir.ogloo

    I do not have a special sugar possible way to do this diamondnormal sugar me to you very much, please ask Ingredients Grams

  • riccardo

    hi hun, I tried to make a gems.
    Ihave two questions that I hope that you help me.
    1) Is normal that my gems are sticky?
    2) Why my gems are White but semi matt?

  • kelly

    How long in advance could you put the gems on the cake? Is a day ok? Or do you have to use a confectioner’s glaze then? thank you

    • artisancakes

      put them on right before serving or they will cloud up. Don’t put anything on them except you can seal them with a thin coat of vegetable oil if needed.

  • Lorraine Castle

    Hi Liz How do you store the isomalt after you decorate, and how long will they keep there shape?

    • artisancakes

      store in air tight container until you use it. Keep away from moisture or it will melt. Keep out of the refrigerator. Off the cake they will keep their shape for weeks but may get cloudy. Make them right before you need them.

  • marina nunez

    Love the tutorial !! Thanks :-)

  • Edit Albert

    Thanks Liz, awesome tutorial :)

    • artisancakes

      You’re welcome!

  • Lyndall

    Hey hun,
    Did you remove this video? It says video does not exist :(

  • Karen Willis

    Awesome tutorials!!!! Really enjoyed watching them – thank you for sharing :-D X

  • rini bloom

    thank you alot to you to make a real effort to show us the technique,i really appriciate your time

    • artisancakes


  • Mary

    Hi, this is a great tutorial. Just wanted to know if the silver luster dust was dry brushed on or did you mix with alcohol. Thank you for your time.

    • artisancakes

      I mix mine with a LITTLE vodka until its a thick paste and paint it on

  • Cakerbaker

    Thank you!! This is cool go watch! Not to be greedy but since you always ask for tutorial suggestions, could you pretty please do something for gold leaf? So popular so intimidating! Thanks again

    • artisancakes

      Thats a great suggestion :) I’ll try and fit it in!

  • Candi Balaguer

    How long are they good for ? Want to make in advance for cake. thanks

  • Stephen Crist

    Appreciate your tutorials. Your cakes are absolutely beautiful!!

  • Monica Dorsey

    hello, i wanted you to know i really have enjoyed your tutorials, i always watch your video to get ideas and information. Thank you for taking the time to teach.

    • artisancakes

      You are welcome, I’m glad you enjoy the tutorials. I need to post more :-p

  • Annabelle Tromp (South Africa)

    thanks for the tutorial. Really helped me a lot!!!!

  • Yvonne Dippenaar
    Geat tutorial!

  • disqus_I9joJ993eU

    you use corn syrup to stick it to a fondant covered cake? what if the cake is buttercream can i just go ahead and stick it right away? or i shouldn’t use them on butercream cakes? Again thanks so muchhhhhhh for the help.

    • artisancakes

      you can stick them to buttercream without corn syrup

  • disqus_I9joJ993eU

    thank you so much for your help! what if i have leftover isomalt in the parchment bag, how do i take it out so i can reuse it?

    • artisancakes

      the only way to get it out is to squeeze it out onto some tin foil and let it cool

  • disqus_I9joJ993eU

    Thanks so much, u make it very easy :) so you only paint the back side of the gem ( the part that is actually going to be stuck to the cake) ? do you paint the front too? and how do you stick the gem to the cake?

    • artisancakes

      I don’t always paint them, its just another way you can add some shine… I use corn syrup to make them stick :)

  • disqus_I9joJ993eU

    what if i need to reheat the isomalt in the parchment bag what do i do? can i put it in microwave?

    • artisancakes

      You could but it’s safer to just start over with another bag

  • Shelley Warshaw

    I am fairly new at this. I loved your video!!!


  • Mari Senaga

    Thank you Elizabeth, I never thought about a simple parchment bag, and piping isomalt in to the mold. And so many of your tips and hints were wonderful!

    • artisancakes

      You are so welcome :)

  • Delynn Tracy

    OMG I ABSOLUTELY LOVVVVE YOUR WORK & you’re an ANGEL for posting tutorials which give me GREAT inspiration! Please never stop sharing :)

  • Jennifer Everett

    did you coat your gem mold with anything? and how did you get them out of the mold, do they just fall out on their own?

    • artisancakes

      Yes they just fall out, make sure your molds are very clean before molding. when I put them on the cake, I paint the backs with silver luster dust to make them shine.

  • Heather Chitty

    Thank you so very much for this!
    I am always trying to make little gems & end up over-flowing the area.
    I like the way you did not add the water & it melted down.
    Your tutorials are fabulous & have helped me & my business so much.
    Thank you from Heather Chitty @ A Sweet Fix

    • artisancakes

      Thanks Girl! I’m glad you enjoy the tutorials. I’m all about the sharing of knowledge and helping each other out.