How to Make Edible Gems Using a Piping Bag

purple wedding cake with edible diamonds

*note: the brooch pictured above is not edible, only the jewels are. The pearls are made of fondant brushed with luster dust. The silver leaves are black royal icing brushed with silver luster dust.

Hey all! Here is a quick tutorial on how to make edible gems for your cakes, cupcakes or whatever you want using isomalt, a piping bag and some gem molds. Remember that isomalt IS edible but only good in small amounts or it can upset your digestion (ahem)…

SO with that being said, here is the video on how to make the gems. I also sometimes will mix a little silver luster dust and vodka and then paint the backs so they look even shinier when I put them on the cakes.

To make isomalt gems shiny, brush a SMALL amount of vodka with silver luster dust to form a thick paste. Brush onto the back (chiseled) part of the diamond and let dry.

how to make isomalt gems shiny

I use decomalt for my jewels but you can use whatever brand of isomalt you like best. Just keep in mind temperatures and don’t touch the jewels with your bare fingers, the oils in your hands will leave fingerprints and make them lose their shine. Also, not heating correctly can cause the isomalt to get cloudy.

I hope this tutorial inspires you to make some edible bling today! Just be careful and leave a comment with any questions you might have! Thanks for watching!


Published on: 19 January 2013
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