Cherry Blossom and Gold Baby Shower Cake

Cherry Blossom and Gold Baby Shower Cake

I have always loved cherry blossoms. When the trees flower in the spring, it is my favorite time of year. When the petals fall lightly, they remind me of snow and something magical. They make me feel like I’m in a fairy land.

So when a client asked me to create a baby shower cake covered in cherry blossoms I was eager to please! The color for the cake was to be a gorgeous gold (achieved with edible gold paint) which really brought this cake to life in my opinion.

The cherry blossom cake is no new invention, it has been done nearly to death one might say. But not every cherry blossom cake is created equal. There are a few key factors that I knew I was going to try to avoid based off some cakes I have seen before.

I knew I wanted the blossoms to be fully and very delicate looking and you would only know they were made from sugar by looking very very close. I didn’t want a generic looking blossom so I chose to go with a double petal cherry blossom with touches of pink and fuchsia. I also made several types of buds and half opened flowers to add even more realism to the cake.

I looked at a lot of photos of cherry blossom branches and how they grow. Some cakes tend to have branches that look more like vines or worse, worms! I definitely did NOT want that look on my cake. I decided to go with modeling chocolate for the branches so they would have depth as well as texture. I used a modeling tool to add lines, knots and texture to the bark.

The gold finish was achieved with edible airbrush color by Americolor. The sheen is nice and shiny. I sprayed the gold over a medium brown fondant so that the shine would be deep. If you try to spray gold over white, it won’t look as shiny.

The final cake looks really pretty too me. Close to what I imagined in my head and that’s a pretty good feeling. I hope you like it!