zombie cake with jello brain

Zombie Cake

I made this zombie cake as a display for the Portland Women’s Show this weekend and I’m extremely happy with the outcome. It’s so fun to just work on something that is your own vision. I hope I get some more zombie orders because I think this is the most fun I ever had making a cake to date.

zombie cake with jello brain

The “cake” is for display so it’s actually made from Rice Krispy Treats (RKT). The skin is modeling chocolate and the eye and shirt is fondant. I made the eye by painting it with food coloring.

zombie cake with jello brain

The brain is made from a jell-o mold I got from the Halloween Store. It worked really well and turned out perfectly. I was nervous because I have never made a Jell-o brain before but it was super easy and tasted AMAZING let me tell you!

zombie cake with jello brain

I textured the skin using a simple sculpting tool and then colored the skin with a combination of oil based food color and petal dust that is typically used to color sugar flowers.

zombie cake with jello brain

I think this might be my favorite cake so far! I hope I get to do more zombie cakes because they are SUPER FUN!

  • Chris Marks

    id like to order this cake. can u plz get back to me with the details

  • April Maes

    please make this cake for my sons 9th birthday party.

  • transcendev

    This is easily the greatest cake I’ve ever seen in my life. I wish I could’ve seen this cake being consumed.

    • artisancakes

      well thank you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/tmsjdw Tina Snedeker Wenneman

    Love this cake, do you ship out of state? Seriously interested.

    • artisancakes

      Glad you like :) I’m not sure how I would ship it so it arrived in one piece but it might be possible :)

  • Patty

    As a follower of the show “Walking Dead” this is amazing work- I was just introduced to your talent by a friend of yours—

  • rose rizzo

    That’s is very well done! The best zombie cake I have seen!

  • ivania

    Can you do a tutorial please ?

  • Amber

    This is amazing, and the proportions are spot on. very well done!

  • http://thevegetariancannibal.blogspot.com/ Vegetarian Cannibal

    This is like…the coolest cake I’ve ever seen! If I lived in Portland, I would totally buy a cake from you!

  • Mark James Pearce

    That is AWESOME, Liz !!!

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