pregnant mother baby shower topper

Pregnant Woman Cake Topper

Hey all! Just wanted to share a couple videos I just made on how to make a pregnant lady cake topper for a baby shower cake! I go through everything step by step from beginning to end (through two videos) and show you how to make a more detailed and life like figure that will wow your guests!

pregnant woman topper

Pregnant woman toppers are so popular for baby shower cakes but usually the toppers are pretty simple and if you’re looking to challenge yourself, this tutorial is for you. I will show you a few tips and tricks to make your topper much more realistic. Say bye-bye to sausage arms and legs.

Part 1 – Making the Body

This first video will walk you through making the lower body, the clothing and the upper body as well as how to make realistic looking arms, hands and fingers. Feel free to change up these steps and personalize your topper to look like the mommy to be!

Part 2 – Making the head, hair and features

This second part goes over how to make a realistic head/face, adding features and adding realistic hair. These can also be personalized to match your mommy-to-be’s features. Most of all, have fun!

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New video for more detailed facial features for the pregnant woman topper tutorial is now up! Check it out!

This new tutorial goes in depth to show you how to make features that are not painted on and more realistic. If you’ve mastered the intermediate topper, this one is sure to take you to the next level!

Man and woman baby shower toppersThe new features video shows you how to make more realistic eyes and lips and some tips on how to customize the look.

pregnant mother baby shower topper


pregnant mother baby shower topper

If you want to order a pregnant woman topper from me you can! I make these all the time and ship them to people all over the USA. You can customize the color of the dress, hair, shoes, eyes and hairstyle. You can even have me make a daddy topper to match if you would like. The cost is $60 per figure (not including shipping) and they are in the sitting position. Just email me at to place your order.

Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel where I post free tutorials weekly and leave a comment suggesting an idea for my next tutorial. I just might choose your idea ;)


Published on: 4 May 2012
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