1953 allard j2x Tutorial

1953 allard j2x Tutorial

I was recently asked to make a really awesome car out of RKT and fondant and then ship it to California so the baker could put the car on the cake. I admit I was a little nervous at first but when I saw the photo of the car, I had to jump at the chance. It was so beautiful! I started imagining all the fun I would have putting in all those little details.

I tried to take lots of photos of the process as well as video so I could put together a tutorial on how to make the car just in case anyone was interested. You never know. I’m trying to do more tutorials like the ones I wish I could have found when I was starting out. It seems like you can never find good car tutorials that show you all the details so I tried to include as much of that as possible to help you out.

Here is a quick photo of the finished product.
*note: I achieved the shiny finish to the car by spraying it with water from an airbrush and then placing the car in front of a fan. The fast moving air causes the water to dry faster and leave the surface of the fondant nice and shiny.

The first part of the tutorial shows what tools I used to make the car as well as shaping the RKT, covering it with fondant and adding the details of the car body like the hood, door and trunk indentations. I was able to get some exact specs from the maker of the car himself which was SUPREMELY helpful. If you can get anything like that for whatever type of car you are trying to make, it really makes a difference. Otherwise, you can make your own specs by printing out views of the top, side, back and front and using that as your reference.

The second part of this video focuses mostly on how to make the wheels. This was sort of a long process for me but I had a whole week to work on this topper before I had to mail it out so I took lots of time on all the little details. I’m sure there are other ways of making wheels that would work just as well for you but this is what I did.

The final video shows you how to add all the little details like the bumper, seats, lights etc. By now you should have the hang of how I do things and adapt them to your own car. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful.

Please leave a comment if there are other types of tutorials you would be interested in seeing. I am open to suggestions! Also, if you use this tutorial to make your own car, I would love to see photos! Thanks for watching!
– Liz

  • Brenda jernigan

    I would like to see a pick-up truck made.

  • veronica8579

    I have to make this cake but I can not find the templates like the ones I see in your video … you know give me a link where I can find them? Help me please!

  • Beata

    Dear Elizabeth, i know that you already gave someone answer – what to do to make this car so shiny? apply vodka, but can you just apply with a brush or it needs to be spray? I am doing fire engine cake and i thought it will looks extra nice shiny ;) thank you again for sharing this tutorial… i love it ;)

    • artisancakes

      I just painted the car with watered down vodka and put it in front of a fan to dry so it leaves it shiny

      • Beata

        Thank you as always for fast answer ;)

  • Beata

    I aready have seen it this tutorial last year, but watching again and it shows that everyone should watch over and over because i am learning more and more. You really love what you do because you work so hard over little details and that is what makes you special Elizabeth ;)

  • Christina

    Omg I love this! I would love to see you do a tutorial on a dragon! Just amazing! I will try this someday and post a picture!

  • Lulu Jonker

    Thanks so much for a great tutorial :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/lorraine.castle.180 Lorraine Castle

    Loved the video of the making of a car, great job. But I would like to know how you made the fondant so shiny? You talked about the silver shine mixing with stuff but did not mention how the green fondant is shined. And can it keep it shine. Please let me know how you did the shine on the cake, Thanks. Bianca515@aol.com

    • artisancakes

      I sprayed the fondant with vodka, it stays shiny but not like glass, just shiny enough

  • Susan Christian

    Thank you for the info. I’m going to make my husband’s birthday cake, 1967 VW Only. I hope it turns out as well as your car. Classic Cake Creations, Florida I’ll send you a pix. Susan

  • Torrey Breath

    In complete total awe of your work. Really enjoyed watching this tutorial and the pregnant woman figurine tutorial. I will be using your videos as a guide to do future projects. Thanks for posting them, and I hope to see more of your work soon.

  • Maria

    I thought this was absolute perfection, I was amazed how accurate the model was. Fascinating to watch – thank you

    • http://artisancakecompany.com Elizabeth Marek

      Thank you! It was really fun to do!

  • http://www.facebook.com/veruscawalker Verusca Walker

    Hey Elizabeth Marek Fantastic work. You are very talented. <3
    Best Regards