Sculpted 3D elk birthday cake

Sculpted 3D elk birthday cake

This cake was for my clients father in law who is an avid hunter. I gave her two options. One was a two tier cake with a small elk topper and the other was a full on, 47″ tall sculpted elk cake. Lucky for me she went with the second option :)

She wanted the cake to be very “regal” and as if it was standing in a field of wheat.

Those are chocolate antlers in case you were wondering :) Cookie crumb dirt and fondant “wheat”.

And he has just the CUTEST widdle face! I wanted to just keep him forever but alas, he had to fulfill his cake destiny….

Goodbye little elk cake, I will miss you hanging out on my counter, looking at me with your pretty eyes but I am happy knowing you were eaten and enjoyed by many. Ok that sounds weird but you know what I mean!

  • Delynn Tracy

    Now it would FABULOUS if you would do a tutorial on this :)

  • Michelle

    Is the elk made out of chocolate too. or is it rice krispies?

    • Elizabeth Marek

      The elk body, neck and head is cake. The legs and horns are chocolate over a support structure.

  • Freight Audit

    Wow. This is very nice and good.. This is hard to have this style..

  • Stephanie Conn

    This is such a cool cake Liz! My dad’s bday is Oct 1 and I know he would loooove a cake like this. I will keep it in mind for sure :)

  • Cameron and Karren

    Very cool Liz! You are just getting better and better!

  • Leah

    Wow, just wow. I’m always in awe of your skills and this certainly doesn’t disappoint. Fabulous.

  • Caroline’s Cake Company

    This is beyond wow!

  • Devan

    unbelievable cake Liz!! absolutely amazing, realistic and definitely captured the elk face and gorgeous eyes! You are so talented! constantly amaze me!