Vintage Firetruck Birthday Cake

Vintage Firetruck Birthday Cake

This cake was requested by a great friend who wanted to get her buddy (who is a volunteer firefighter) an awesome birthday cake. I’m always happy to oblige :) I took a few in process photos just for kicks. The firetruck was made from RCT so that it would be nice and firm and be able to support a lot of decoration. This also allowed me extra time to put more TLC into the cake. Good thing RCT taste awwwwwwesome :-D

First step, carve RCT

Second step, buttercream

Now the fondant

Add some details and some edible photo images to the covered cake and voila!

I made some little figures of the birthday boys daughters riding in the back of the truck

This was a really fun cake to do :)

  • Charlotte

    Very nice, I am going to attempt to make this but using a chocolate cake. How big was yours?

  • Sylwia Ziółkowska


  • Beata

    Amaizing, i can stop looking at your cakes. I wonder how do you make it so shiny? looks fantastic ;-)

  • beckii

    i think this is my favorite non traditional cake. looks awesome. and the fact that it’s rice krispy treats makes it even better :)

  • Tonya

    Love it!!! Seriously though, what’s not to love! Good Job!!