Panda Bear Sculpted Cake

Panda Bear Sculpted Cake

I created this panda bear cake for two reasons. One to practice a 3 ft tall sculpted cake for my audition video to Food Network Challenge and the other was to create something unforgettable for my sister Sharee’s birthday. Her birthday falls one week before Christmas which is a very hectic time so I have never made her a cake before. Thought I would surprise her with this gigantic cake to make up for years of cakeless birthdays haha. Sharee, her hubby and their daughter have this whole panda bear theme going on in their family (papa bear, daughter is called chloe bear, sharee makes a “sad panda” face etc) so I thought this theme would suit her.

I taped the majority of the cake making part but the batteries died for the very last hour (bummer). I created this 46″ tall cake with the help of my assistant patti in exactly 8 hours. We took one short 5 min break to drink some coffee and down some protein. I was EXHAUSTED afterwards but it was worth it :)

Here is the audition video so you can see the making of this panda cake and the final product

This is the final product!

A photo of my very surprised sister :)

This was a really fun birthday cake to do and very challenging to get it done in 8 hours! I hope my sister is not expecting a bigger one for next year! haha! I may have set myself up yearly torture!

  • Dennis Hawkins

    That is really amazing, I love it!

    Keep up the good work


  • Blanca

    hi;did you read the message i send u pleas i still have time it’s 4 Dec 17 pleas help

  • Blanca

    your work its amazed i love are bless i love to make cakes to design cake sences i was a little gril.but i never try to make a panda cake that’s why i’am asking for help pleas help me with some videos or pictures.god bless.

  • Blanca

    HI;This is Blanca fromTexas.I sow the 3 ft cake panda I love it and I was woundering could you send me a picture of just 1 panda but 11/2 ft tall it’s for my 15 year old boy his name it’s oscar and he is very skinny but at school and at church frined’s call him panda and i would like to make a big big panda bear 1 or 2 ft tall could you pleas help I love the 1 from the picture but i just want 1 but really big.pleas help use.send me some videos or some pictures pleas.

  • Amanda

    I am a huge fan of Panda Bears and that cake was awesome. I wish we could find somebody around my area to do stuff like this. I would love to have something like this at my wedding. You done a great job! I truly admire you!