Angry Birds Cakes

Angry Birds Cakes

I have to admit, ever since I downloaded the Angry Birds Game for my ipad, I’ve been addicted! Not only is this game totally fun but it’s a challenge as well! The premise of the game is simple but fun. You use birds with different abilities to bust through various puzzles and destroy the pigs that have stolen their eggs! (reads paragraph) Ok that sounds a little weird, maybe you should just watch this video to get the idea…

Ok got it? Fun right!? I should totally make an angry birds related cake, oh wait … someone already did of course :)

This cake by Anya Richardson is famous on the interwebs and you can see why!

Angry Birds Space!

Check out this cute spot on cake by All About Cake. Everything about this cake screams angry birds!!

Those are the most perfect piggies I have ever seen!

This is a great 360 view from Troublebaker. Really captures that angry birds action!

PSPmeet got the “angry birds” expression perfect!

This all buttercream version from CitizenRob really proves that a cake doesn’t have to be fondant to be spectacular!

This one from CakesbyBrenda has got the whole ipad package going on

*note: These cake photos do not belong to me nor where created by me and I retain no copyright to angry birds or their affiliates.

  • JAI

    i would like to know, how much is a cake of one on your designs. My daughter 3rd birthday party is June 2013 and please let me know ASAP

    • artisancakes

      Jai you will need to check out my pricing section and then email me for a quote

  • shubhangi

    How can i get this cake

  • krystal j

    Really interested in one of ur cakes for my son 6th bday in december. Please can u let me know :).

  • roselyn

    hello wanted to know how much is a cake of one on your designs. my sons 3rd birthday party is October 13, 2012. please let me know.thanks

  • Maddy

    I’ve never seen one with the full iPhone — very cool! I just made an Angry Birds cake with fondant and would and love some feedback. Feel free to check it out :)

  • daniel

    i was wondering how much does your 1/2 sheets run? my sons birthday is this weekend and he LOVES angry birds and from what i see you have the best ones in town. if you could let me know a price on your cakes and where your located. please and thank you.

  • nakyah

    how can i get this cake

  • isabel

    i love this game i have it on my i touch

  • Lisa

    How can I get one of these cakes?! Where is the pricing? is it possible to ship with out damaging the cake? We are in Mich. Please let me know!

  • Deb

    Omg!!! I just saw ur ETSY shop, after spending all day trying to do my own angry bird toppers…. Next time for sure!

  • Deb

    Can’t wait to see your creation! I’m making cupcakes for my son – as I can’t focus on a cake now. Thanks for the great piece!

  • Trent Bingham

    Working sling shot? Oh, I’ve been wanting your cakes to start moving. Maybe a walking Howl’s Moving Cake?

    I eagerly await the results of this experiment.