Steampunk Gingerbread House

Steampunk Gingerbread House

As promised, here are photos from my entry to the Providence Festival of Trees gingerbread competition! I had a great time decorating this house and I feel pretty good about it considering it was my first gingerbread house ever!

I made a template from foam core and assembled it first so I would knew where all the pieces went and to get an idea of how it looked once it was put together. It was like baking a giant jigsaw puzzle! I used all the pieces as templates for making the gingerbread pieces before baking.

First step after baking was to pour the sugar into the cutouts for the windows. I placed the baked gingerbread onto some teflon baking sheets so it wouldn’t stick. Easy peazy!

ooooooooh pretty!!!

Gingerbread house in the beginning stages of assembly!

The finished product was pretty dang awesome if I do say so myself :)

I used necca wafers to make the roof and asked (forced) my hubby to help me glue them on with royal icing :) It was the most time consuming part of the decorating process aside from actually baking all that gingerbread! The snow is melted marshmallows. I had to resist using my LMF fondant on this house, but I wanted to keep it simple in terms of techniques. :) Made a very nice snowy look on the whole scene! A nice dusting of powdered sugar and disco dust set it all off :)

I disguised the battery packs for the lights as a steam power center! Made all the pieces out of modeling chocolate and the snow is powdered sugar

This side of the house was totally decked out in steampunk pipes and chocolate gears and cogs :)

The chimney was made of stacked cubes of caramel. Took a while but looked awesome!

Can’t have a happy little gingerbread house without a happy little snowman

I was invited to compete again next year. Already thinking about what I’m going to do!

Here are some pics of the other gingerbread house entries.

I love the gum stick floor boards. Very creative!

  • Danielle Griffin

    What did you put the walls together with?

  • Lyndi

    Love,love,love the melted snow (marshmallows) on the roof!

  • Roxanne

    Love your gingerbread house! You did an awesome job. :)

  • Micah

    You’re so good. Dang.

  • Julie Morris

    Holy Shit! You need to post this in an xmas album under both names on facebook.. this is by far the most impressive gingerbread house I’ve ever seen.. and Pittsburgh has a competition every year for outstanding gingerbread houses.. with a LARGE grand prize winner.. Nicely done