Ruffle Birthday Cake with Bee Brooches

Ruffle Birthday Cake with Bee Brooches

I got a last minute order from a bride whom I’m making a wedding cake for in 2011 regarding a birthday cake she needed in three days! Luckily she didn’t have many demands. Flavor requested was butter pecan and it needed to be pretty. DONE! I’ve been meaning to do a ruffle cake for quite some time now. I was totally inspired by the frilly and ruffled cakes by Maggie Austin Cakes

I love these delicate works of art. I also wanted to incorporate a delicate color scheme

I decided to go with a white cake with un-traditional tier sizes to make it more interesting.

I also wanted to incorporate some poured sugar jewels and try out this new bee brooch I made :) She really liked it!

I dusted each ruffle slightly with some pink petal dust to make it pop. I love love love this feminine and pretty cake!

  • Caty

    I’ve been playing with fondant trying to teach myself how to create ruffles, but they turn out TERRIBLE! Any tips? Or a how-to video??

    PS) Your cake looks amazing, and I’m very much in love with Maggie Austin Cakes now.

    • Elizabeth Marek

      I will try and add that to the list of how-to videos :) Practice is a good start! I also add tylose to my fondant to make it stiffer and so the ruffles keep their shape. I make the ruffles using a large ball tool as well. Good luck!