Sushi Mini Cakes

Sushi Mini Cakes

A while back I saw a cake with some tiny sushi on it while browsing Flickr. I thought it was soooo cute and fun! Made by Whipped Bake Shop. This cake really inspired me and made me want to do my own sushi cake experiment!

So when one of my best friends birthday came up, I wanted to do something really special for her. She LOVES sushi. We often meet up for sushi dates in Salem since it is midway between my city (Portland) and her city (Corvallis). We catch up on the news, laugh, cry, joke and stuff our selves silly with delicious sushi from a great place in Salem called Kyo.

The sushi is actually mini cakes that are buttercreamed, fondanted and dipped in white sprinkles. Then I made various sushi toppers for each to complete the look. The tray was just a decorated board. Everything was completely edible except for the chop sticks which were a gift :)

The “rice” is just white sprinkles on the buttercream covering the mini cakes

The masago is tiny hand rolled bits of fondant in a tinted piping gel flavored like lemon. So tasty!

I also made some matching sushi cupcakes for the guests.

Shortly after this birthday, I made another sushi cake for another best friends husband to be. Also a big fan of sushi and a fantastic graffiti artist. I did my best to incorporate both into his cake. The bride and I surprised him with it during the wedding rehearsal.

You can check out some of Brandon’s awesome art on his website

  • CiaraPoole

    i love this cake i want your tought sould i do this for my class because im in 5th grade and i really love sushi i eat sushi two times a week that how much i love it please help me desited

  • Tonya

    Oh just cruising your blog, ya know on a thursday night :) and I know i said it then, but hey 6 months later, and i still absolutely LOVE my sushi cupcakes, they were amazing! Just like you!! I love looking through all your pictures of cakes you have created, you are so talented, and i am so proud of you for all you have accomplished, you are inspiring :)
    love you!