How to cut a wedding cake

How to cut a wedding cake

Wow that cake is awesome but how do you cut it?? One question I have been asked a LOT. Wedding cake in particular. Wedding cake portions are a lot smaller than a birthday cake because typically, you’ve already eaten a whole meal and no one wants a HUGE piece of cake at the end of the night.

If you are getting married at a venue that is catered, you typically will have someone there who already knows how to cut your cake so don’t worry! But if you are cutting your cake yourself (well hopefully not yourself the bride but someone who isn’t a professional) then this guide should help you portion things out so everyone gets a piece of the cake.

Suggested slice sice is 2″ x 1″ x 4″. Move in 2 inches from the tier’s outer edge, cut a circle and then slice 1-inch pieces within the circle.  Move in another 2 inches, cut another circle, slice 1-inch pieces and so on until the tier is completely cut.

First step, work your way down from the top. Remove the top tier by inserting your knife under the cardboard layer and lifting the tier off the one below it. It will probably stick a bit but its fine. You  might notice some straws or wooden dowels in the layer below. This is normal and inserted on purpose for supporting the stacked tiers of cake. Without these supports your cake would surely end up a pile of frosting and cake mush by the end of the night. Remove these supports before cutting with a pair of needle nosed pliers or your fingers if you can get a good grip :)

So your first cut would be the outer circle. Put the knife in straight down and slowly work your way all the way around cutting with an up and down motion about 2″ from the outer edge. After you make the cut in from the, begin cutting servings about 1″ in width all the way around. Repeat process until you get to the center of the cake in which case, you can just cut it in wedges. This also works with square cakes.

This may not seem like a lot of cake but trust me, it is plenty of cake for one guest and most share!

A clean knife is also helpful for this process. If you wipe the crumbs and frosting off with a damp rag in between slicing, your pieces will be a lot cleaner and nice looking. Build-up of frosting on the knife causes the cake to catch and tear which doesn’t look very appetizing.

Group flavors together and place on plates and set out for your guests to enjoy!

  • Sandra

    I would like to know how to get such a cushion effect from the quilting :)

  • disqus_I9joJ993eU

    but if we cut it this way then the middle, inner ,centre tiers won’t have as much buttercream or fondant as the outer tier right? can’t we just cut it the regular way? triangles?

    • artisancakes

      This is the way that all venues and wedding cakes are cut to maximize the amount of servings and also give a person the right portion of cake. If you were to cut a 16″ tier into triangles, that would be WAY too much cake for one person. Make sense?

  • Vanessa

    Maybe give the wonderful Joy some credit for her picture? :)

  • Tom

    I help run a wedding banquet hall in Birmingham AL and would like to encourage brides to cut the cake early. First, it is fun to watch, second, a lot of older people leave early and third, it is the dessert! So, cut it early so people can enjoy your huge investment!