Harry Potter Snitch Truffles

Harry Potter Snitch Truffles

My awesome and creative friend Christine decided to come over one day last week to make some Harry Potter goodies. She came up with these sweet truffles that look like snitches from the Harry Potter movie! Here is a clip from the first movie where Harry Potter captures the snitch and wins the Quiddich match!

The snitch is an integral part in the new movie “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” so it’s pretty cool to recreate a this awesome piece from the movie in sugar form :)

Christine needed some ideas for how to make these truffles Gold. We tried hand painting, brushing with luster dust and air brushing. Turns out, a combination of alcohol and gold luster in the air brush worked best but we had to do a few coats to get the nice shiny layers we really were going for. I was extremely happy with the results!

After tempering the chocolate, we cast the wings in little molds and glued them on with more melted chocolate

The insides are filled with a deliciously cream truffle ganache and I ate a couple just to make sure they weren’t poisonous ;-) Christine made a whole spread for the Harry Potter opening night. More photos to come!

  • Sharon

    The video link says it’s no longer available. They look yummy. Very nice job!

  • http://nimbidesign.wordpress.com Devan

    THESE ARE SOOO AWESOME!!! I kinda want to always have a box of these. What a great way to celebrate the movie! I loooove them!

  • Rhonda

    simply amazing! Would love to eat those

  • Alyssa

    These are fabulous!! Great job!! I would love to do something similar for a Harry Potter Party I a doing next month but haven’t been able to find any wing molds I like, can I ask where you got your mold from?

    • http://artisancakecompany.com Elizabeth Marek

      I made them myself using amazing putty which is a food safe silicone molding compound. I got mine at michaels.