Harry Potter Cakes

Harry Potter Cakes

I’ll keep this short, I LOVE harry potter ( I’ve read all the books multiple times) and I probably feel about Harry how my husband feels about Star Wars (I know that sounds wierd). The 7th installment comes out on Friday or Thursday at midnight if you want to be technical) and needless to say, I AM EXCITED!!!! So to commemorate this totally rad event, i’ve decided to post every photo of every harry potter cake I have come across and deemed Hogwartacular!

Check out this EPIC preview of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

This first cake is so cool! I love the stack of books and the little glasses. The details are just spectacular! Made by whiplashgirlchild.

This is such a great rendition of the famous sorting hat. It’s all in those little wrinkles and folds that make the cake. Done by the talented Margie.

This hogwarts cake is one the best I’ve seen so far and the castle is actually made of gingerbread and lights up! How cool is that!? Made by Britta

This is the famous Hogwarts cake made by the famous Charm City Cakes. What I really love about this cake aside from the castle is that they made so much of the surrounding countryside. It really draws you in and makes the castle feel more real. Totally awesome.

I love the hand painting on this Harry Potter book cake. So detailed and really spot on! The details on the wand are just outstanding as well. I would love to get a cake like this! Just goes to show your cake doesn’t have to be gigantic to be memorable. Made by Cake Lava

This is one of the cleanest and well made Harry Potter monster book cakes I have seen. It really is one of those “is that really a cake!?” cakes! Made by Tartacadabra

I love this cake of school books from the Harry Potter series. Not the typical stack of books you see in HP themed cakes. The wand on top is just genius. Uploaded by TC

Check out these SUPER SWEET (pun totally intended) cupcake toppers uploaded by the Schnieder Clan on Flickr. Simplified and ultra cute! I’m swooning over here!

This last one is so darn cute I had to include it. Made by Rhona’s Merry Little Cakes The little Hedwig is so fluffy and soooo cute! Totally adorable. Kudos!

Im making a Harry Potter cake (Hogwarts Castle to be exact) in just a couple months and I cannot wait!!! If you are interested in a Harry Potter themed cake, call me up!

  • Rebecca Jones

    This I a cake I did a few ysars ago for one of my boys

  • http://www.facebook.com/hp1231 Holly Phillips

    Here’s a Harry Potter cake of my own creation! I was so proud of my niece when she asked me for this for her birthday! lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/annah.sork Annah Elizabeth Sork

    These are awesome

  • trica wynne

    i am would if you can send me a pictures for a cake i will like to have some one around there to make me a cake harry potter the castle one place my add is 9305 christie ln in weston wi 54476 thank you trica

  • http://BirthdayCakeOrder Christina

    Do you offer the service to make these hogwarts cakes? Particularly need pricing on the light up one and if services are offered for delivery to KY.

    Thank you!

    • http://artisancakecompany.com Elizabeth Marek

      Sorry but we aren’t able to ship our cakes at this time :) Let me know if you need any harry potter toppers!

  • danelle moistner

    love love love me some harry potter. These cakes r awesome

  • Margie

    I’m so glad you like my Sorting Hat cake.

    • http://artisancakecompany.com Elizabeth Marek

      it’s beautiful! great job!

  • http://marimilocakedesign.se/ MM Cake Design

    I like this! Amazing!