Peacock Wedding Cake

Peacock Wedding Cake

This unique cake design came from a lovely bride almost 1 year ago! The first wedding cake order for my 2010 season and for October no less was secured in November of 2009. Why the advanced planning I thought, until I realized this bride was snagging the coveted 10.10.10 wedding date. Soon after she sealed the deal, more requests were made for this date but alas, the date had been secured far far in advance. Kudos to the bride for thinking of this popular date before I even did!

A garden theme and snow white peacocks with jeweled tails were requested for this beautiful wedding cake. Originally we had planned to have wisteria wrapping around the cake from the bottom to the tippy top with a peacock perched above.

We ended up changing the design to incorporate a second peacock. We toned down the wisteria to delicate ivy with some pretty purple flowers. We also changed the layout of the cake design to allow a place for the second peacock to perch. The final design had 11 tiers! Seven 6″ for the base, one 12″ for the peacock to sit, two 8″  for the center and one more 6″ for the top. I think the second design turned out even more beautifully than the original design!

Here is a shot of the finished cake after set up

Every feather was hand formed, painted and then applied one at a time to create both peacock tails. Painstaking work but worth it! Each feather was also edged in gold.

The wedding took place at the lovely and ever popular Green Villa Barn in Independence, Oregon. I’ve been to many weddings here and the lighting and atmosphere is so beautiful. Hard to believe it was ever a barn :)

The tables were decorated with gold and feathers. The whole wedding had a feeling of glamour and elegance but inviting and approachable at the same time. Truly a hard balance to maintain but the couple truly succeeded! I especially love the square glass plates. Seems as if wedding plates are always white these days. Very refreshing and beautiful.

  • shari

    i lov the cake can you make a wedding dress and show it on line

  • Mandy

    What are the feathers made of?

    • Elizabeth Marek

      The feathers are made of fondant and then painted with food color

  • Leah

    This is spectacular! So much detail, do you mind me asking how long making something of this size and scale takes you? So much work.

    • Elizabeth Marek

      This cake took me three days from baking to the final product :) Making all the peacock feathers took the longest

  • eliza

    The peacocks are so cuuuuute! and beautimous o’ course ;)

  • Yazmin

    Wow Liz this cake is amazing. You never cease to amaze me……