French Macaron Cakes!

French Macaron Cakes!

Awww the beautiful French Macaron (not to be confused with a macaroon).Two perfect little puffs with delicious cream sandwiched in between. Could anything be more heavenly (aside from a nice piece of chocolate cake warm from the oven) or more beautiful! I love the french macarons! So much prettiness packed into a tiny little sweet! I am not surprised in the least that they have become superstars amongst the pastry world and are popping up in the most unexpected places!

The cutest of all the cookies and the most versatile! Long used for tea parties, wedding favors and precious little treats for any elegant dessert table are now making grand appearances on cakes! I am familiar with the “macaron tower” which can be very elegant on it’s own let alone when paired with a flurry of desserts

Not all macaron towers are not created equal. Look at this gravity defying structure from Bobette & Belle!

But once you see them on a cake, it’s hard to believe you haven’t seen one before! They just go together perfectly. Look at these beauties from the Cake Opera Co.

Those are hand painted details on those little cookies! Soooooo BEA.U.TI.FUL!

Love this modern take from Camille Styles

This next one from Superfine Bakery is so clean it’s hard to believe it cake and cookies! The details are just stunning!

Although totally adorable, macarons can be made for any occasion cake. I have no idea how they managed to get these macarons black but they are quite chic and very goulish indeed :) Calendar cake created by A Table For Two

Even the simplest cake is instantly fancified by little macarons. Ok I’m totally sold now :) Please put this in my tummy now.

Look at this adorable set of stacked macarons made to LOOK like a little cake *SWOONS

I desperately want to make a macaron cake! Do you think anyone would mind if I just whipped one up just to set it on my dining table and dreamily stare at it for a few days until I let my hubby eat it??

  • keerthi

    Whoaa!! Awesome explanation abt Macarons… I just love them

  • minhuyennguyen

    i am hungry………….i want to try eating macaron cake.i love them

  • TL

    Hey nice macaron cake! I would like to know if the blue macaron cake is done by you? I would love to have the measurements and flavours of this big macaron for my 21st birthday!

  • val

    trying to get a french macroon cake made

  • Stephanie Conn

    What a cute dainty little treat! I love them! They make me want to invite all my girlfriends over and have tea, with macarons of course! :)