Dr Seuss Themed Baby Shower Cake!

I am totally in love with this shower cake I made this week. I love being so excited to do a cake I can’t hardly wait to get started on it! Dr. Suess books were some of my most treasured stories when I was a little girl. I remember reading Horton Hears a Who and Green Eggs and Ham sooooo many times I knew the stories by heart. The illustrative style and creativity in the characters were so unique and beautiful. Thank you Emily for ordering this cake and if I ever get preggers, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to have this cake :)

I knew a Dr. Seuss cake was the perfect excuse to get creative and really do something fun so I decided to put some little “Seuss-y” feet under the cake board, almost as if the cake might walk away before you get a chance to cut into it.

Emily did such a great job with the decor for the party. What a lucky momma to be!

Look at these highly adorable pink and blue little sammiches!!! I’m pretty sure it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen aside from this

AAAHHH Green eggs and ham!!! I WILL eat them Sam I am! :) Green eggs and rolled ham never looked so adorable and so delicious! Genius!

I’ve been craving parfait ever since I saw this set-up. Mmmm Red Jell-o

I made the hat out of alternating layers of red velvet and vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting. I LOVE that they got a photo of this slice :) I never get to see the insides of my cakes!

A few close-ups of the fishies and bottom tier details. I think painting the details on the fish was my favorite part. It made me feel so nostalgic and images of all those fun characters come flooding back. I totally felt like a kid the whole time I was decorating! What a fabulous theme for a baby shower! I’m honored my cake could be a small part of it.

Published on: 5 October 2010
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