Blazers Basketball Birthday Cake

Blazers Basketball Birthday Cake

I’m not really a sports gal but I grew up watching the Portland Trail Blazers with my dad. I always got a kick out of watching him watch the blazers. He would hoot and holler and scream “GO GO GO! YESSSSSSSS” every time we scored. It’s fun watching people enjoy themselves and get lost in sports but I never got into it like that. Now Food Network Challenge competitions I could watch every moment of every day! Haha!

I do however LOVE making sports themed cakes! I’ve done helmets, footballs, football fields and now a basketball theme. The client wanted a life sized basketball for this cake. No easy feat let me tell you. Cake does not like to be round! You wouldn’t think a simple sphere would be so complicated but the ball alone took at least three times as long to make than any other part of the cake.

Aside from the basketball, the client wanted a Jersey on the cake with the birthday boy’s last name and number as well as edible copies of what I assume are birthday tickets! Lucky boyfriend!

The final product was a basketball ripping out of the cake (RIP city baby!) with the jersey and tickets to the side.

I also wrote “Happy Birthday Sergio” on the corner to look like kinda like a signature.

I might not be a sports girl but I do know how much the details can matter to someone who does care. I was very careful to use the right red and use and NBA logo for the ball. I know a real fan can tell!

Hopefully the birthday boy enjoyed his cake as much as I enjoyed making it.

  • connor

    U guys suck

  • connor

    These people r copying peope and ihate there cakes.

  • ana

    I Love It!!!!! I want this for my lil bros bday.. what’s the price????

  • Caty

    Oh. My. Gosh. I love this cake!! You did a GREAT job! Any chance you might post a tutorial on how to make cake round??? :)

    • Elizabeth Marek

      Thanks for the comment! I will definitely consider doing a round cake tutorial next time :) Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Lisa

    Amazing….I aspire to be as talented as you one day…

  • MM Cake Design

    Nice! Amazing!

  • Dan

    The texturing on that basketball looks great. That turned out really well.