Invader Zim Specialty Cake – Gir

I get a lot of calls for specialty cakes but not so many of husbands requesting one-on-one cake classes for their wife’s birthday! When I found out she wanted to make a cake of Gir from the awesome cartoon “Invader Zim”  (a show based off a not so talented alien “Zim” trying to invade our planet earth with is trusty but not so smart companion “Gir“) I was totally on board! Invader Zim is one of my favorite cartoons and Gir pretty much makes the show. Gir is Zim’s “pet” robot that is disguised as a dog. The dog outfit is so cute!

He loves cupcakes!

She brought a great reference toy of Gir so it was easy to construct our plan of attack. Carve body and head, add taquitos, tacos and piggy…

Paula took to carving cake like an alien eating waffles…well you know what I mean

Time to put the fondant on! Paula was nervous about doing this right but she did it like a pro!

Adding all the doo-dads like zippers and stitches and such really bring the cake to life! Look at that precise stitching! I’m starting to suspect Paula is not as inexperienced as she claims, maybe she was sent to invade my kitchen!!! DUN DUN DUUUUN! ok, maybe she’s just uber talented

The finished Gir in all his taco glory!

The little piggy just cracks me up!

This pic is from Paula’s blog Off the Wall Cooking where they performed a frontal lobotomy on Gir in the name of birthday cake. A noble cause for any delicious cake.

Yes that is a strip of red velvet in the middle of white cake. Looks AWESOME!

You did a fantastic job Paula and you are definitely welcome back in my kitchen any day! Especially if we can make an Invader Zim cake next haha!

  • Ka-Ina

    Can I know what size cake pan you used, I have everything to make the cake but im not sure what size cake pan to use. I have 6 & 8″ inch circle and square pans. But im not sure. Pls reply.

  • Ka-Ina

    Can I know what size cake pan you used, I have everything to make the cake but im not sure what size cake pan to use. I have 6 & 8″ inch circle and square pans. But im not sure. Pls reply.

  • Guest

    omg! how can i get my hands on one of your cake! I love gir and i want to know more on how can i get this cake!

  • amy foster

    thats amazing i love it it looks so nice :P

  • http://yahoo malorie gonzales

    omg thats so cute i love it

  • Sabrina

    This cake is soooo amazing!!!! But I was wondering if you deliver to Clermont Florida? My birthday is March 10 and I know it’s really early but I really want this cake and I have no idea where to get one. I love Gir soooo much.

  • kendall

    i love it

  • kendall

    this is amazing i love it to mauch im doing this for my sister’s sweet 16 party

  • Haven

    Can you please tell me the tutorial of the cake to please? and ingredients and everythihng PLZ. I want to make it for my birthday party on the 10th of August.

  • Haven

    OMG! I am the biggest fan in the world of gir! You have amazing talent! Is there anywhere in (i will tell you the state and city i live in when you email me PLZ).. anyways, wheres your companies???? I WOULD LOVE A GIRL CAKE! MY BIRTHDAY PARTY IS COMING UP ON AUGUST 10TH. Plz email me bacl :)

  • Nicolette

    hello, my sisters birthday is august 20th 2012 and she really wants an invaders zim theme. I would love to buy this cake from you! But I live in altamonte springs fl. Please email me back about this. Its a great cake!

  • marie

    im the bigest invader Zim fan in the world and i want that cake for my B day so can you email me plzz i want that cake ;)

  • Ramirez

    Never mind found it.. lol disregard my last post to the second gir cake xD





  • http://yahoo maloie

    to cute

  • Rebecca

    Hi, could you please please email me a tutorial I’m turning 18 in august and would love my dad to make this amazing cake for me, :) is my email I would appreciate it so much if I could get a tutorial and tin sizes and extra stuff like that, please :)

  • Kaden

    This is AMAZING!! You have INSANE talent!!!! If i tried 2 do this (though i probably couldnt afford half of it :P) it would turn out as a big, burnt blob :I
    And also, i was wondering if, with your permission, i could display this on
    I would site your website in the description and of coure give ALL credit to you and this website and also, if you write a statement of your approval i will also site that.
    If you would be so kind to email me, my email is
    Thank you so much! Again SO much takent :D

    • Kaden


    • Elizabeth Marek

      Go right ahead. I already think there are a few photos of this floating around the interwebs and deviantart. You should try the tutorial, it’s not expensive :) Just takes practice.

  • Gigi

    I’m wondering if you have a cake store located here in Bridgeport, Connecticut or anywhere in Connecticut ?

  • Christine Roszak

    What size cake pans did you use? I wanted to make something similiar for my boyfriend’s daughter. She has been asking me for one for six months now and I could really use this bit of advice!! Thank you so very much for your time!!

  • Jordyn

    I have a question my daughter would love this cake when it is around her birthday could i send you an email to mabey work some thing out so i can get one?

  • aracely

    my parents spoil me to much when it comes to my birthday.when i found out about this cake i jumped in excitement! i live in chicago so im not sure if you’ll want to deliver that far.but my birthday is in janaury! please i want this cake bad.

  • aileen

    which bakery do you now you could find a Gir cake in California

  • arianna

    i love gir ive ,ade drawings of him many times ive watch ALL the episodes so please tell how i can get this wonderful cake i want it so bad i will pay anything

  • Crystal

    OMG that is the most coolest cake in the world I luv it so much!can u make me that cake for my birthday May 27,please give me a call.Ps:I am the biggest invader zim fan in the world I luv girl!!!

  • Karley

    whoa! I want a cake like that for my birthday! THAT IS SO COOL!

  • girl over

    can i buy a cake like that??

  • monica

    Hey my birthday is coming up and I would really like this cake! Can you give email me so I could give you a call and talk about this please*puppy face*

Published on: 20 September 2010
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