Darth Vader + Skateboard + Vampires + Beer = Cake?

Darth Vader + Skateboard + Vampires + Beer = Cake?

Heads up, here comes the most random assortment of subjects placed into cake form. Gotta love the wives! They always go that extra mile and really THINK about things that make their other half tick. I get a call from a gal who wants a cake for her hubs. He’s a proper geek and loves Star Wars (especially Darth Vader), is a skateboarder, likes to watch TRUE blood and also likes beverages such as local micro brews and red bull. You can put that in a cake right? The answer is always YES!

Check out the finished geektastic cake below

Don’t you know Vader knows how to shred?? FYI Mr. Vader is also made of Fimo this time for balance purposes.

Yes those are vampire bites and YES there is red velvet in that cake! What else could it be??

Nice view of the TRUE blood logo on the bottom of the skateboard. This Vader, cute lil armadillo and half pipe was sculpted with care by the one and only Patricia Fisher who has MAD Fimo skills. Way better than mine even. Im the master fondant figure maker though so I can still show my face around here :)

The armadillo is my FAVORITE! I seriously want a little one to keep forever for my own. I told her to make him look like my armadillo cake I did last year and I think she NAILED it!

  • http://www.yourvividmoments.com Stephanie Conn

    See… this is what makes you different Liz. You are not just a baker or a decorator. You area a desinger. To take those 4 things and put them together like that takes mad creative thinking skillz, which my friend, you def have! Way to rock it, well done!!!