Custom Ocean Themed Wedding Cakes

Custom Ocean Themed Wedding Cakes

I grew up on the beach, seriously. We went every chance we could when I was a kid. So to me, the beach says “home”. Beach and ocean themed cakes are not that rare but it’s always nice when you get a bride that wants to take it to “the next level”.

Specialty Toppers and Ocean Cakes

From the very beginning Dusty had a very specific idea about her beachy cakes. Lots of hand made details that really made you feel like you were on the sand. We decided on three individual tiers rather than stacked. Handmade edible toppers that represented some of her and her fiances favorite things about the beach. Kissing dolphins, dory boats and adirondack chairs under a nice umbrella. If you can’t get married on the beach, bring the beach to you I say.

Sometimes brides forget about the table the cakes will be displayed on but not this girl! She found a really nice net to drape over the table along with some pretty shells and glass balls. It really tied the whole display together.

There were a lot of people in attendance so we even had a couple matching sheet cakes to match the main cakes.

The only down side to moving to Portland is being away from the beach but lucky for me it’s not that far of a drive! After making these great cakes, I think I need to make a trip soon. Congratulations Dusty and Aaron! I had a wonderful time creating these cakes ocean themed wedding cakes for you!

  • Kerri

    This is AWESOME (and “awesome” doesnt even begin to describe it). I want a dolphin/beach theme for my wedding but I am trying to figure out what all is available before totally committing to this theme but if I do, I hope I can afford this and I hope I can have it where I am getting married. (Which is Sept 5, 2012)

  • Stephanie

    You never cease to amaze me Liz. You are so good at taking your clients ‘dream cake’ and making it a real vision. Well done, they look so happy!