Cake Opera Co. Inspired Cake

I remember exactly when I first saw the work of Alexandria Pellegrino, owner of Cake Opera Co. I was watching Food Network Challenge “Fashion Cakes”. A lot of the cakes where really what you typically see in challenge and at first Alexandria’s cake didn’t seem that impressive. Then she started painting with black food color. Long wispy, artistic, almost graffiti like strokes. Suddenly this was no ordinary cake. Instantly I was enamored with her work. Truly different than any other type of cakes I have seen before. More like works of art then temporary confections.

you wanna talk about specialty cakes? These are about as special as they come!

I am absolutely in love with her cakes! Her sense of style, color, placement, attention to detail and whimsy! Here cakes are so beautiful I wish I could have one forever sitting on my shelf so I could just look at it all day long and just feel inspired. When I got an order from a mom who wanted a fashion inspired cake for her daughters 16th birthday, I knew this was my chance to create a cake inspired by Alexandria’s ornate cakes. I used these cakes as my inspiration (below)

Love these fabric looking flowers and the edge on this green cake. So romantic!

This is the cake I designed for her sweet 16 cake

Obviously my skills are FAR inferior to Alexandria’s detail work but I was very happy with the outcome on my cake none-the-less.
Here are some more detail shots of the perties :)

Next time I need to try out some gold leafing!

I hope to one day meet Alexandria and pick her beautiful brain on technique and inspiration but until then I will be admiring her work from afar and aspiring to be as trend setting and unique of a cake artist as her and the people at Cake Opera Co.

  • Dan

    That lady’s got some chops for sure… and your cake is not too shabby either.