Better “done” than “said”

Better “done” than “said”

My awesome friend Aaron and I while he was visiting this summer

The Path to Success Starts with One Step…
Followed by Many More Steps

I really admire people who follow their hearts even when the path is hard. People who don’t just sit around saying “I’m going to do something with my life. I’m going to be something, or I’m going to make a difference.” They go out and do it. The doing part is hard. The doing part requires sacrifice, time, commitment and sometimes suffering. And we know this. I admire them because I know how hard it can be to know what the right thing is and even harder to follow through. Even when following through is what’s best for you.

Success Takes Sacrifice

My friend Aaron has just entered his second year at Bethel and knows this is where he belongs. This is what is going to lead him to his life’s path. He’s dropped everything and moved across the country to be at this school. He’s far away from his friends and family and even though he really really wants to come home, he knows he is not quite done at this school. There is more in store for him. More to learn. More to behold. Not a lot of us are willing to sacrifice comfort, friendships, familiarity and routine in order to search for truth. I aspire to be like this someday.

So he’s not taking the easy way out, he’s sticking it out for another year of working hard and not knowing what the future holds. Now all he has to do is find a way to pay for it.

Giving Joyfully Feels Awesome

I realize that asking for money to pay for tuition may seem odd, especially from strangers. But let me tell you that I love to give and that I especially enjoy giving to a good cause. Nothing makes me feel happier than to be able to give joyfully and I would hope that there are others out there inspired to give with joy in their hearts and feel wonderful knowing they are truly helping someone deserving. Even in the smallest amounts, giving is genuine. I by no means am made of money but I really believe that the more I give, the more I get back and the little I have goes further when I am generous instead of greedy.

If you feel compelled to help out a wonderful person who works very hard every day to be a good man (it’s harder work than you think!) and be a small part of making the world a better place, please donate to his tuition. He needs to raise $3,000 by November. I believe it will happen because I believe in him and he is meant to be where he is.

Thanks for listening to my non-cake related post, you guys are awesome