Winner of the May Cake Give Away!

Winner of the May Cake Give Away!

Congratulations Amanda Oberst!! You are the WINNER of this months cake give away! You are now entitled to a free custom cake topper or set of cupcake toppers worth up to $200! Thanks for being a fan :)

Didn’t win this month? No worries! Every month I give away a gift certificate for a cake or topper (amounts vary depending on my mood ;-) Want to know how to win your free cake? Just visit my facebook page and head on over to the photo albums. Choose one or all of my cakes to tag yourself in. Odds are, the more you tag yourself, the bigger your chances are of winning!

Click the icon below to go to my facebook page and start tagging!

If you live nearby, you can put your gift certificate towards any of my cakes or toppers and if you are out of state, you can have any custom topper you like shipped right to your front door :) Sorry, we don’t ship cakes. My thoughts are, if a cake is durable enough to be shipped then it’s probably not edible and that’s not the type of cakes we make ’round these parts ;-)

Remember, tag yourself in ANY of the photos from my albums. The winning photo is chosen randomly as well as the tag.

So keep tagging yourself and good luck!