Moving to Portland!

Moving to Portland!

Starting May 21st, Artisan Cake Company will be packing up and flying north to Portland! This has been a long time coming and it’s very exciting to see it finally coming to life! My husband works as a graphic designer, commutes at least an hour each way every day and that is really wearing him down. Also, pretty much 90% of all my orders come from Portland so it will be nice to be closer to work on both our ends.

We will be re-locating to NW Portland near Washington Square Mall off Highway 26. Tastings will still be held by appointment only.

I am very excited to immerse my self in the Portland cake culture. The area is so creative and already filled with a lot of talented bakeries and cake designers but I really think I will have a lot to offer with the types of cakes that I do since we specialize in fondant and custom cakes.

It has been challenging moving in the middle of the busy wedding season but we are making it work! I am extremely excited to be in a bigger kitchen and work space to make room for the growing number of cakes we have received this year. Hooray for moving on up!

See you on the west side ;-)

  • Barbara

    I enjoyed cake tastes at OMSI afterhours last night, and have just looked over your website. love the Angry Birds, we’ll be calling you. now I wonder, where did you move FROM? I see it was just over a year ago that you announced that news.
    glad you are in town. Barbara