Cake Central Steampunk Cake Contest

Cake Central Steampunk Cake Contest

Hello fellow lovers of cake. Just wanted to brag a moment on my recent contest winnings. A couple months ago, announced they were going to do a steampunk cake contest. Naturally my jaw dropped to the floor as I simultaneously jumped for joy. Cake Central puts on a cake contest monthly and the prize is usually a $24 gift certificate to global sugar art (a cake supply website).

At first there was tons of backlash from all the decorators! Apparently steampunk is not well known amongst the classic cake decorators? (laughs). Ya, so steampunk is a type of genre sort of like scifi in which the future world exists but is run on steam power instead of electricity. Also, usually combined with elements from the victorian era. Its incredibly fun and gorgeous looking. Google it some time and you’ll see what I mean.

So Cake Central seeing all this upsetness (new word, just made it up) within the cake central community, they decide to UP the prize to $200! Yeah baby! I was so all over that! The cricut cake cutter had JUST come out and I really wanted one but it runs a hefty $399 price tag. I thought in my tiny brain that maybe just MAYBE if I won, I could use the prize towards the cutter and it would be an affordable splurge. Muahahaha *rubbing hands together deviously.

This really got intrigue going and there were a lot of really awesome submissions from professionals and newbies alike. Here are some of my favorites.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what a steampunk cake should include and what could make mine different than the rest. Gears, pipes, ornate detailing annnnnd….an octopus. Oh yeah. That’ll do :) Here are the pics of my cake. Sorry the pics kind of suck. I definitely chose the wrong background…

So after the voting and such, I was informed that I was the winner and after much jumping and screaming and social network updating, I claimed my prize! $200 gift certificate to global sugar art and a certificate from Cake Central saying I had been the winner. So cool! I also get featured in an upcoming newsletter. Double cool!

Ok, my bragging is over. Thanks for listening and thank you to everyone who voted for me. You guys make my world go round :)


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