Truffle Figures

Truffle Figures

Holy cow I think I may have met my match in the world of edible figures. I came across this photo on my Tumblr.

How freaking cute are those??

Those are ALL edible! It led me to Ana Fuji’s flickr account where I was just blown away by the talent. She makes these edible toppers to go on truffles. I have never seen such a thing but it is so so right. I just love her attention to detail and the way she captures her characters. I have never seen anyone else do this level of detail in the figures so I am truly in awe.

Freaking amazing. I spent a good amount of time on her flickr looking at all her amazing work and could have chosen a LOT more to post but I tried to keep it to my faves :)

Her attention to detail is so exact. I love it! I really love the little truffle holders too! So cute!

Are you kidding me? How adorable are these?? Wallace and Gromit are one of my faves! She captured these characters so perfectly, I can hardly stand the cuteness lol.

This is just a fabulous idea for a topper. I should def do something like this for my cupcake toppers. I know a lot of my girlfriends would love this.

Her flickr account doesn’t say much about her but it gives contact info if you are interested in contacting Ana for a custom order.

  • Lara M

    Hi! I recently discovered your site and am enjoying your work! I do have a question that has been in the back of my mind for a long time- as a professional, how do you handle selling cakes with copyrighted characters, such as Wallace and Gromit? I work for in a bakery for a Kroger-owned store, and we are not allowed to do any of this type of work because of federal copyright laws. Thanks for any info you might have on this subject!

    • artisancakes

      Basically I stay away from all disney characters because they are known for suing. Other things like video game characters I have done before because they don’t seem to mind. If a company does not want you using their characters, they will send you a cease and desist letter asking you to remove the content from your website and to stop making things in that likeness. Thats it!

  • Ana Fuji

    Ohh……thank you so much!! You made my day!!