That Voodoo you do

That Voodoo you do

A few weeks back, our good friends Andy and Heather came up for a visit from Texas.

Gorgeous little couple aren’t they?

We planned an outing to Portland for the day to show Heather (who was in Oregon for the first time) some of the sites and fabulous places that Portland has to offer. One of our stops had to be Voodoo Donuts. My husband and several of our friends are very big fans. Me not being much of a donut fan (I make cakes remember) I was so so about the trip but I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor choices and the experience over all.

First off, the line to get in was HUGE. We came back 3 times hoping that the line would be less long but it was just longer every time we returned. Eventually we just gave up and decided to wait in line no matter how long it took.

Once inside (if you can call it that, there isn’t much room to move or stand) You are surrounded by interested art and that undeniable sugar aroma. The list of donuts is long and can be overwhelming but really, there isn’t much you can go wrong with.

I spent way too much time mulling over the flavors and in the end, decided to go with a voodoo dozen so I could try lots of flavors. If I’m gonna do donuts, I’m gonna do it right!

The store was crazy busy and the bakers were rushing around to fill orders as you can see

I am more of a fruit lover but my husband is more of a unique taste lover so here are the favorites from the day.

My fave was the Raspberry Romeo and the Mango Tango. Both really fruity, sweet and the donut part was more like cake than fluffy fried fat haha. Really delicious.

Dan and Andy’s fave was the bacon maple. I tasted it, it was better than I was expecting

Another of dan’s favorites is the Loop. These are better when they are fresh and the cereal is still crunchy. We went pretty late at night so the cereal was kinda stale but dan assures me they are delicious in the morning haha.

Overall, I think the donuts were pretty good but I think the experience more than makes up for most of the fun. After going to VooDoo, you feel like you are part of a club. A club of people who went to this very strange donut shop and tasted some very creatively named donuts and if you ever mention to someone who is part of this club, the magic is in the hole, they will not look at you with shock, they will know exactly what you are talking about haha. And that is part of what makes it so fun :)