Cupcake Decor Galore

Cupcake Decor Galore

I’m that type of person who really really enjoys baking and all things baking related. Even though I specialize in fondant figures and fondant cakes, I secretly love a cute lil cupcake. I especially love cupcake stuff! Cupcake jewelry, cupcake jars, cupcake toppers! Who doesn’t like a personalized cake? So when I saw this great tutorial on 100 layer cake I just had to reblog it. Its such a great take on the classic party garland and really adds a sense of whimsy. I think I’m going to try this out for my little sister baby shower in a few weeks (so excited).

Basically you take cupcake liners (they dyed these with tea to give them that natural look), some fabric circles, lace and threaded them all together like so. Every so often, glue one of your liners to the twine so they don’t all bunch together in the middle when hung.

I will post a few pics from her blog

You can see the complete tutorial in all its glory here

Just for the fun of it, I looked on flick to see if I could find some other cupcake banners and here are some cute versions I came across.

From Veronica TM

Love those pretty pastels.

This one is from Tigglegiggles She used martha stewart cupcake liners. I always love how martha’s creations just go together so well visually. So so pretty

This final one is from Utah Loves Cupcakes She has some really great cupcake related things on her blog, I spent much too much time perusing all her pretty pictures :-D

I think this is a pretty and simple way to decorate for the holidays (like valentines day or saint patty’s)

  • Becky O.

    THanks for the blog plug. I just love these! I want to make some for a birthday this year.

    great blog!