Adventures of the Gummi Bears Cake

The makings of a very awesome cake I did for a little girls birthday. I gotta give these parents props for getting their daughter into the classic adventures of gummi bears cartoon instead of letting her watch the cartoons on now-a-days. The Gummi Bears where one of my faves along with Duck Tales and Tale Spin. Ahh memories. Perhaps if my husband and I ever pro-create, it will give me an excuse to buy all those old cartoons and watch them again :)

Here is the process of putting the figures onto the cake so you can get a good look at each.

The first is of the Gummi Glen tree and toadwart. The tree is made from fondant. I made the leaves by rolling large marshmellows in white chocolate then rolling in rice krispies. I attached them with royal icing. This took a long time to dry and get stable enough to put onto the cake so keep that in mind if you attempt your own tree. Let the fondant dry at least a week before adding leaves. I used skewers for the support structure.

It will be hard to top it! All the figures were made individually on lollypop sticks and put on the cake after they dried for a few days.

This was definitely my favorite birthday cake so far. *hums happily…Gummi bearrrrrrrrs… bouncing here and there and everywhere….

Published on: 30 January 2010
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