2010 Already???

2010 Already???

Every year I think “where has the year gone?” and every year after that I think goes by faster than the last. This must come from getting older (or so I hear).

With all the cakes and the sugar figures, friends and oh ya, that wonderful husband of mine who I really don’t spend enough time with, the year flies by even faster than normal!

I don’t usually make new years resolutions but I also hear that its good to set goals for yourself so this year I’m making a few resolutions and thought I would share them with you all :)

1. Yoshi Love! I have the best dog in the whole world. Seriously, you would love my dog. She is a beautiful husky named Yoshi and she adores her family. She is very well behaved and loves to get her ears scratched. I got her when she was just a few months old almost 4 years ago and she has been my best buddy ever since. When we first came together, we spent all our time going on walks and I even taught her how to pull me on the skateboard but as life went forward, I find we spend less and less time going for walks and getting out of the house and both of us really need that time for a break again. So resolution #1 is take more breaks and go for walks with my yoshi :)

2. Date Night! A lot of my girlfriends frequently brag about date night on facebook and even though I’m pretty sure all of them have kiddos that keep them from going on dates, I don’t think NOT having kiddos is any excuse to not have a date night! As I mentioned before, between cakes, owning your own business, friends and life in general, it is easy to push your loved ones to the back of the line but NO MORE! I hereby deem Thursday as Date night! No work, no projects, no being lazy on the couch till we fall asleep, let the romance commence! You hear that hunny? ROMANCE! :-D

3. Last but not least, Dress like a grown-up! I have talked with this a few times with my sister and my friends and we all agree. The whole late 20’s early 30’s what the heck do I wear stage sucks! Definitely not a teenager anymore but not rolling in the dough so much that we can go out and buy the latest trends so the result is junior tops with comfy sneakers and old jeans. But NO MORE! I resolve to begin buying nice “pieces” of clothing to add quality to my wardrobe and leave my days of quantity shopping at ROSS dress for less behind me! Items like this coat below, isn’t it fabulous!

One of the ways I plan on getting some fabulous clothes is through this website called Gilt.com Its a great site that is available by invitation only and you get FANTASTIC discounts to designer label clothing. ALSO when you get your friends to sign up and they buy from Gilt, you get a $25 credit towards your next purchase. So the more you share, the more stuff you get to buy :)

So that’s it kiddos! My resolutions. I think these are good things to focus on and I hope that you all have a wonderful new years eve and and even better 2010.

Now tell me, what are YOUR resolutions for the new year???