Sunny Days, chasing the clouds away…

Sunny Days, chasing the clouds away…

I think every adult from ages 20 t0 30 knows EXACTLY what I’m talking about when I say Sesame Street was the place to be. Back when PBS was pretty much the only channel we watched because you still had to pay for Disney (except when they were doing free trial weeks).

Now they are celebrating 40 wonderful years and bakerella has posted some awesome treats to help commemorate the big moment :)

Sesame street has featured hundreds of amazing guests such as Jason Mraz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kobe Bryant, Cameron Diaz and even Michelle Obama.

Here are a few of the photos from her tutorial :) Check out her website and learn to make these fabulous treats yourself and pass on the love to the next generation.

This post has been brought to you by the letter ‘T’

Cookie Monster is my favorite. who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip cookie???

Big bird is so iconic of sesame street. Like the big brother

I know at least 7 children who’s lives revolve around Elmo related paraphernalia…

And then there is Oscar who is so cute in his grumpy-ness

The only one I’m missing really and truly is the Count! How can you not have the count?? ONE hahahahaha. TWO hahahahaha.

Ah good times :)

Thank you Sesame Street and thank you Bakerella for taking me back to my childhood and mixing it with delicious treats.

Happy Baking!

  • nikkeya

    love ur sesame street pops… how much are they?

  • Jenners

    I LOVE the bakerella blog!!