Delicious Dessert Tables

Delicious Dessert Tables

I am utterly blown away by the tables designed by Amy Atlas Events in New York. She has a modern eye and a love for color. Her tables are dramatic, whimsical and FUN!

She has inspired me to start offering dessert table design through Artisan Cake Company. I have noticed a lot of brides doing the small cutting cake with extra desserts rather than one large cake and as you can see by the photos, this can be quite the centerpiece for a reception or any fun event.

I love the use of several kinds of candy for a dessert bar. Great idea for a fun birthday or reception!

Amy uses decor above her tables to create height and more of a visual impact for guests. Color theory really is key here. Keeping your color schemes tight really pulls everything together.

I really love the idea of using a backdrop with a bright pattern that ties into all the pieces on the table. There aren’t a lot of desserts on this table but it feels grand and elaborate.

If you don’t want a lot of color, you can still create a lot of drama to your table by taking advantage of a pretty window or adding height with some large balloons like Amy has here.

Keep your eyes peeled to this blog for more ideas on dessert tables  :)


  • caitlin

    wow amazing dead detailed and realistic

  • caitlin

    wow amazing the best ever look’s luvly