Super Mario Brothers Birthday Cake

Super Mario Brothers Birthday Cake

Here are some photos from the Super Mario Brothers cake I made for my husbands 25th birthday. He is a classic video game nerd and I had a wonderful time putting this together for him. All the figures are made of fondant and the cake was white with peach filling. All you Mario nerds out there are bound to get that joke haha. Enjoy!



  • mpena

    Hi I am curious if you are still open. I tried emailing you and it keeps coming back returned

  • Kelli

    Hi- I was wondering where you are located? I love in Phoenix. Can I order the cake from you? Do you ship and if so what are the details and cost of the cake, etc. Thanks so much. We are hosting a birthday party for my son’s 6th birthday on Saturday, May 7th.

  • Jo

    Please could you tell me how much the mario cake is ?
    Also do you have any other mario cakes ?
    Size and cost please
    Thank you
    p.s We would like this for the 30th of april 2011

  • Niki

    Do you use different colors of fondant or mix your own colors with white fondant? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! :)

  • Liliany

    How much would it cost for you to make a supermario cake??? For my brother he’s turning 14 he loves supermario his birthday is may16 please write back. Liliany

  • carissa packer

    OH,my gosh cant beleive how awsome your cakes look my sons 4th birthday is on friday and we are doing a mario wii party.I really didnt know where to look,im not sure on prices if you could give me an idea,in know my son would love it get back to me soon. thanks.

  • Delilah

    Hello, I was wondering where u were located and if it would be possible to order this super mario brothers cake from you. Its for my son and he will be turning 5 in Feb. If this is possible can you please let me know the price notice you need. Thank you.

    • Elizabeth Marek

      We are located in Portland, Oregon. Email me if you are interested in ordering

  • Trinh

    Can I get some prices for your super mario cakes? I am trying to get a cake for my son’s 6th bday party on 11/06.


    • Elizabeth Marek

      Please send an email to for pricing. Also, we do not ship cakes just in case you are out of state :)

  • Tangy

    Would love to order this cake for my son’s 6th birthday. Hiow much does it cost and how can I order it?

  • Martha

    This is Fantastic, I totally Love it thank you for sharing…

  • Isaac

    i’m going to be 10!

  • Julie

    How can I order one of these for next Tuesday, August 10th??? I’ll pay whatever the cost!

  • Jeanne

    Awesome cake! I was looking for Mario Bros cake inspiration and definitely found it here. Thanks for sharing!

  • George

    hahaha Peach filling.

    I’m making a really simple one for my son’s 6th birthday. Yours rocks.

  • Laura M Nunez

    Hello…this cake is amazing and what I need for my son’s birthday party, he’ll be turning 7 and he is obsessed. Can I order one???? Please give me some information.

  • kasey

    i was wondering what the range is for a super mario bros. cake…and how soon do we have to put a request or order in for a cake….its my little one’s birthday…but we’re celebrating his older brother’s with his…his older brother missed his own birthday because he was in the hospital…and so we wanted to make it special and celebrate it together…especially because they are big super mario fans………after the birthday, my oldest son has to go in the hospital again….so this is why i was wondering…i know its such a short notice…we didn’t plan on this…but we felt..we should do something special for them

  • Eunice B.

    I need a Super Mario bros B-day cake for me son’s 7th birthday. Could you e-mail me with different ideas and prices. Thanks.


  • Julie

    How much would it be for you to make this cake for my boyfriend. He will be 22 years old and on October 5. I know it is a short notice.

    Julie Tu

  • tammie

    i am having a super mario party for my son . how much does the super mario cake cost?? i know its to late to book something with you since his party is june 27 th but maybe i can do something small if possible. pls let me know, and about how much it would cost me. thank you, tammie