The good, the bad and the wrecked!

The good, the bad and the wrecked!

Anyone truly fascinated by cakes has heard of If I am every feeling like I need a good laugh I stroll on over to and it always delivers! I believe all the cakes posted are done by so called “professionals” which makes it even funnier. Check out a few of these beauties!

Nothing says "I love you" like self confessions of obesity right?

Vote! For that guy...what's his name? know...oh well, I'll just guess.

And then there is the dreaded cupcake cake

When all else fails, go for utter realism. Disgustingly, vomit inducing, what are those little bugs doing in the intestines realism...

The really great thing about cake wrecks is that they do feature some actual amazing cakes as well!

So go check them out!