Inspiration Cake #1

Inspiration Cake #1

I have to admit, I probably spend WAY too much time on flickr but I can’t help it! It’s like a beautiful garden where everything is as beautiful as it is delicious! One of the very first wedding cakes that I came across on flickr belongs to Her work is especially beautiful and I especially loved this cake. So much in fact that I chose it as my first inspiration cake. Here is o’holysweet’s cake below…

And here is the cake I created…

I tried to duplicate o’holysweet’s cake but put my own spin on some things such as the ribbon color, the shade of pink for the roses and putting a touch of color in the cherry blossoms and the scrollwork.

So all and all, I had a great time with this cake. I especially love the color scheme. I have four tastings scheduled for this month so I do not know when I’m going to have time to do another inspiration cake but I wish I could right away!

See more of o’holysweet’s creations by following the link below:

photo shoot with Paulina Westerlind